Multiple Tragedies Occurred the Day of the Paris Attacks


On the night of Friday, Nov. 13, multiple coordinated attacks occurred in Paris. There were hostages at a concert, suicide bombers near the local soccer stadium and mass shootings at restaurants. However, the Paris attacks overshadowed many other events that occurred on that Friday, and the day before, as well.

In Baghdad there was a funeral bombing the same day of the Paris attacks. It killed at least 18 people and injured 41 others. The funeral was for a pro-government Shi’ite Muslim Fighter, part of the Hashid Shaabi group that helps to fight against the Islamic State, who claimed the attack as one of their own.

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HTGAWM Winter Finale Recap: What Did We Do?


Breathe…just breathe…is what I kept telling myself during the winter finale of How to Get Away with Murder.

That didn’t work at ALL but at least we know who shot Annalise.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

So Wes completely lost his mind and shot Annalise, only after she pushed him over the edge, telling him him the truth about Rebecca. All at once the events from this season came to a head and Annalise ran out of tricks trying to fix the twisted situation.

But lets start from the beginning. Michaela calls Connor over to the Hapstall mansion to help her decide what to do with the gun. Connor doesn’t want any parts of it and Michaela’s only intention is to protect Caleb. They’re still trying to figure out what to do when Catherine walks in and then apparently makes a run for it.

Annalise finds out about Catherine and makes Caleb choose between Catherine and himself. Annalise can’t defend them both and now that they have the murder weapon, Caleb can’t keep trying to protect his sister.

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Star Wars, Marvin Gaye and a Tribute to Paris: AMAs RECAP


Jennifer Lopez hosted Sunday’s 43rd annual American Music Awards and the result was a balanced mix of both today’s most popular music and this year’s most soul-pressing matter. Here is what you missed:

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Are UMD Students Getting Enough Bang for Their Buck?


The cost of a college education has risen in the past few years, causing some to question the true value of their secondary education. According to, the University of Maryland was ranked 16th of all national universities in Best College Value.

The cost of attendance for 2014-15, including fees, at UMD was approximately $21,290 for in-state students and $41,483 for non-residents of Maryland, and the university’s Board of Regents voted this spring to raise tuition costs for the current academic year by five percent. The board also approved proposals to increase the tuition of students majoring in certain studies such as business, engineering and computer science.

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How to stay safe while studying abroad


After the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France where at least 128 civilians were killed, some students may wonder about safety concerns while studying abroad.

According to their website, the Education Abroad office at the University of Maryland has set as its mission the empowerment of UMD students with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives to become mindful and engaged global citizens. With this in mind, executive director of Education Abroad Dr. Moira Rogers has shared with PulseFeedz her list of precautionary tips to follow while studying abroad: Continue reading How to stay safe while studying abroad

Scott Van Pelt: SportsCenter at UMD is “highlight of my professional life”


Scott Van Pelt has hosted hundreds of shows and events over the course of 22 years at the Golf Channel and ESPN. But none of them will ever mean as much to him as Tuesday night’s edition of SportsCenter broadcasted live from the Xfinity Center in front of some of the Maryland Terrapins’ most dedicated fans.

“That’s why I’ve said privately and to my friends that Tuesday night was the highlight of my professional life. I’ve done really neat things and I’ve met really cool people and I’ve been really blessed beyond measure to get to do the things that I’ve gotten to do but if I never did another show again after that I’d be fine. There’s no words to describe what it meant to me to be home. I can’t stop thinking about how thankful I am that I got to,” said the critically-acclaimed SportsCenter host.

I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with him late Thursday afternoon. Van Pelt took us behind the scenes of how the show’s production came together, his moment with Greivis Vasquez which thousands of fans witnessed inside the arena, his thoughts on the movement to rename Byrd Stadium and the one person who made an extraordinary impact on him while he was in school.

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Life With Lo Episode 3 “Affirmation Posts”

By Lauryn Froneberger

A fact of the world: Gabrielle Union is a goddess.


And if there is anything we love more than the accomplished actress, it is her character Mary Jane Paul, who on BET’s Being Mary Jane never fails to use sticky note quotes as a way to motivate, uplift and enlighten her spirit.


This week, Simone and I channel the same energy and self-reflect. Who do we really want to be? 

Paramount Pictures Releases Star-Studded ‘Zoolander 2’ Trailer


After major successes in 2001’s Zoolander, starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, Paramount Pictures finally released the trailer to Zoolander 2 and the teaser is surprisingly chock full of familiar faces baring the strangest characters.

After Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller), our favorite lip-puckering and borderline illiterate male model, embarrassingly discovers that he is now a washed-up fellow of the fashion industry, he is called back into action by none other than a gorgeous Penelope Cruz.

Courtesy of

As an ambiguous crime agent of some sort, she recruits the help of both Zoolander and his rival turned BFF Hansel (Owen Wilson) because an unknown criminal mastermind is killing some of the world’s most beautiful people. Side note: according to this trailer, Justin Bieber is one of the world’s most beautiful people.


Will Ferrell also returns as clothing designer Jacobim Mugatu, who’s straight out of prison is looking to cause some mayhem—Seriously, he had his harmless assistant give him a steaming latte foam-imprinted with his face, took a sip and then poured it all over said harmless assistant…

zoolander3 final
Courtesy of

 Alongside Penelope Cruz, Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch also stars as the new face of high fashion, an androgynous long-haired couture model who has basically replaced Zoolander as the it-guy. Is there anything Cumberbatch can’t do?

Courtesy of

Comedic heavyweight Kristin Wiig also appears as a Botox-crazed professional in the fashion industry, sort of like Elizabeth Banks’ Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games—if she was addicted to cosmetic surgery.

Kristen Wiig Zoolander 2.png
Courtesy of

The trailer also includes lists of celebrity cameos from starlets such as Joe Jonas, Usher, SNL’s Kyle Mooney and Miley Cyrus. And I have a feeling that there is a lot more where that came from.

Zoolander 2 is in theaters this February 12, 2016. Check out the trailer below.


3 Scarf Styling Tips Accustomed to Maryland Weather


Despite the unpredictable weather in Maryland, the temperatures are steadily dropping and this means one thing: it’s time to bring out your scarves.  From infinity styles to fringed, scarves are one of the coziest ways to ward off the cold.  Here are three ways to style your scarves.

Belted At The Waist

Deepa Ramudamu/Pulsefeedz
Deepa Ramudamu/Pulsefeedz

If your scarf is really long and hangs past your waist, you can belt it. Whether you use a skinny or thick belt, it will make your waist much more defined and give you that hourglass shape many covet.  It is also a great way to keep your scarf from blowing into your face and ruining your lipstick in windy weather.

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5 takeaways from the second Democratic debate


With the presidential election less than a year away, the race for the nomination is heating up on both sides of the aisle.

Republican candidates met on the debate stage last week for their fourth debate of the primary season. Last night, the three remaining Democratic candidates met at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, for their second debate.

The race for the Democratic nomination has dwindled to three candidates since the last debate, as Senators Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee dropped out earlier this month. Now the battle for the nomination is between former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, with all three meeting on the stage last night.

Without further ado, here are five takeaways from the second Democratic debate:

 1) Debate in the Shadow of Tragedy

Early in the day on Saturday, the last thing on the minds of many Americans was a presidential debate. The tragic events of Friday evening in Paris dominated the news worldwide on Saturday and captivated the hearts and minds of people around the planet.

While the debate went on as scheduled in spite of the attacks, the tragedy had a major impact on the structure and dynamic of the debate.  The candidates, moderators and spectators held a moment of silence for the victims prior to the debate. Candidates also offered their condolences in their opening statements.

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