American League Playoff Preview


Just like in the National League, five American League teams now are just 11 wins away from a World Series title. This is an interesting group of teams, with one looking for revenge, one looking for their record 28th World Series title and three- Blue Jays, Astros and Rangers-that many didn’t think would be here, The format is the same as my column about the National League, as I will break down why teams can win the World Series and what will prevent them from bringing home a title.

Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer. Courtesy of North Platte Post.
Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer. Courtesy of North Platte Post.
  1. Kansas City Royals (95-67, AL Central Champion)

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Life with Lo: An Entertainment Series for UMD students

Though we love getting our lives with Tamar Braxton and the rest of the cast on The Real, or guessing Fashion Police‘s “fashole” of the week, people under the age of 25 have opinions too!

“Life with Lo” is a weekly Youtube vlog series coined by Pulsefeedz‘s very own Lauryn Froneberger. “Life with Lo” sets out to prove that although we are young, us students have a lot to say about love, health, beauty, careers and more.

In this week’s episode, Lo demonstrates how to make what she refers to as a “Meal on a College Student Budget.” This section of the series focuses on how to create inexpensive meals without breaking the bank. Hopefully your wallet will thank us and so will your taste buds. Enjoy!

Filmed by: India Hamilton, Edited by: Monique Robinson

Tamar Braxton’s “Calling All Lovers” A.K.A the Hopeless Romantic’s Guide to Trauma and Healing (Review)


R&B singer and TV personality Tamar Braxton is renowned for her always hilarious meme-worthy one-liners and facial expressions. But after releasing her fourth studio album Calling All Lovers October 2, the songstress expresses a more profound side of herself with a 16-track CD shouting with passion and vocal strength.

In a heartfelt salute to Braxton’s past relationships, the Grammy-nominated musician said the album was inspired by boyfriends she dated before she met record-producer and husband Vincent Herbert.

Warning: Do NOT listen to this album in public. It will give you ALL the feels.


This one is simple. Anyone ever scorned by a beyond trifling beau can relate to this album. Have you ever known a guy who just stopped calling one day and left you feeling embarrassingly insecure? Yup, this is for you. Have you ever unnecessarily put someone on a pedestal, intensely swearing your loyalty to them forever? Hop on board. Have you ever vowed to yourself never to let a dude even look your direction ever again because you know your presence is a reward in itself and he was undeserving. Welcome, welcome.

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National League Playoff Preview


162 down. Only 11 wins separate five teams from their next World Series rings. Traditional powerhouses like the Cardinals against new school powers like the Cubs set up the National League for an intense October.  Who can forget David Freeses’ game tying triple and walk off homerun in Game 6 in 2011? Or David Ortiz’s utter dominance in 2013? Or Madison Bumgarner’s masterful pitching performance? This postseason is sure to be filled with incredible moments, and here I will be focusing on the playoff teams from the National League, why they have the potential to win the World Series, and what will keep them from making it to the Fall Classic.

Cardinals starter John Lackey. Courtesy of Google Images
Cardinals starter John Lackey. Courtesy of Redbird Rants
  1. St. Louis Cardinals (100-62, NL Central Champion)

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Embrace the Shame: Amber Rose Slutwalk


*Note: this article contains profanity and other offensive language*

When most people think of women empowerment, the last name that comes to mind is Amber Rose. But that is soon subject to change because on Saturday afternoon Rose hosted the first “AmberRoseSlutWalk” in downtown Los Angeles.

Rose is no stranger to advocacy. From her interviews and posts on social media, it is clear that she is a feminist and has always been an avid supporter of gender equality, especially when it comes to women owning their sexuality. Rose also uses her fame as a platform to empower those who have been victims of sexual assault and victim shaming.

At this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, Rose and her best friend Blac Chyna rocked the red carpet in custom made outfits that spewed derogatory terms across them. “They call us sluts and whores all the time, so we just embrace it…” states Rose.


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College Park City Council Considering Voting Process Change, Could Increase Student Voters


Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 9.16.05 PM
Photograph obtained from the ExpressVote Universal Voting System website.

Members of the College Park City council have discussed whether the city of College Park should purchase electronic voting machines and the associated software from Election Systems & Software, LLC (ES&S) for the upcoming November 3rd elections. According to ES&S, public officials who aim to administer fair and accurate elections should use the machines.

The city council will require close to $3,000 to buy the ballots, which are 29 cents per ballot. After entering the ballots into a machine, the results will be instantaneous. Members of the community that help with voting will have to be trained on how to use the software, which will also be used during the 2016 presidential election.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 8.58.04 PM
Council Members during the city council meeting on September 22nd, 2015 (Screenshot)

The software is beneficial for College Park because “everyone is voting, many people (are) running and more people are voting,” said Jack Robson, the Chief of the Board of Elections for the College Park. “Paper ballots were previously used subject to human era, and we’re expecting 1,000 more voters.” Continue reading College Park City Council Considering Voting Process Change, Could Increase Student Voters

Today’s Top 10 Late-Night Talk Shows, Ranked


Late night television has undergone major renovation within the last year and a half. Some comedic heavyweights left television, some found new homes on different networks, and others came into the game as late-night rookies. While there is evidently plenty of late night to go around, some shows ring right, while others sometimes fall flat. So, here are today’s top 10 late-night TV broadcasts worth watching, ranked.

10. Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers wowed audiences while hosting Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment with his comedic timing and jokey interviewing, but his transition into late night has been evidently mild this past year. And while watching him reunite with other former SNL cast members warms a special place in all our hearts, Meyers fails to make a significant splash on the late night scene.

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Planned Parenthood: The drama continues


Over the last couple of months, there has been much controversy surrounding government funding of Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit organization that does research into and gives advice on contraception, family planning and reproductive problems.

About three months ago, a small group of anti-abortion activists called the Center for Medical Progress, began releasing videos. Republicans and conservatives say those videos show that Planned Parenthood was illegally selling fetal tissue for profit and violating other federal prohibitions, such as federal law at 42 U.S. Code 289g-2, which strongly prohibits the sale or purchase of aborted fetal tissue, according to the Cornell University Law School.

Specifically, the law states, “It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly acquire, receive, or otherwise transfer any human fetal tissue for valuable consideration if the transfer affects interstate commerce.”

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Congress passes spending bill to keep government funded until December


After months of political bickering and threats of a shutdown from both sides of the aisle, Congress passed a short-term spending bill Wednesday night to keep the government running through the rest of 2015.

The stop-gap bill—which passed just hours before the midnight deadline that would’ve sent thousands of government employees home—postpones a government shutdown until at least December 11.

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