New Video Of Mike Tomlin Incident Shows That It May Have Not Been Intentional

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Mike Tomlin has been caught up in a major controversy lately after sticking his foot out on the field as Jacoby Jones was recovering a kick return. Many Ravens fans have been irate at the play because of the detrimental consequences which could’ve occured. It has also been reported that the NFL is considering major fines as well as possibly taking away a draft pick from the Steelers.

A new video from KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh has surfaced though and it could show proof that Tomlin’s interference was not intentional. It doesn’t help that Tomlin was laughing on the sidelines after the play was over but this video could help Tomlin prove his case.

Here’s a link to the video, which is currently not embeddable.

UPDATE: Nevermind, it was intentional. Here’s a GIF courtesy of Deadspin which shows Tomlin moving forward on the field as Jacoby runs towards him.

New Footage Shows Mike Tomlin Stepping Toward The Field

Looks like there’s a coach in the Boston area who has a history of doing the same thing.

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