UMD Dining Service Hours Extended

Courtesy: The Diamondback

Unfortunately, finals are coming soon. Because of the inordinate hours which students are still awake, dining services at the University of Maryland have decided to extend it’s hours for the first time ever, according to The Diamondback.

Commons Shop – open until 2am (December 14th – December 20th)

Footnotes (in the library) – open 24 hours a day (December 15th – December 21st)

Adele’s – serve dinner through December 19th

North Campus/South Campus Dining Halls – Normal late night hours begin on December 15th (NORTH), December 16th (SOUTH), open at 6:45am.

STAMP (Chick-Fil-A, Coffee Bar, Union Shop) – open at 7am.

“To make sure it has enough staff for the extended hours, Dining Services plans to ask student employees their availabilities and then fill empty slots with  full-time workers’ shifts. Student workers will then be scheduled based on their own exam and study schedules, he said.”

Shoutout to UMD for being CLUTCH!!!


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