And The Word Of The Year Is…

Each year the British publishers of the Oxford Dictionary and the American publishers of the Merriam – Webster Dictionary choose a word of the year. What were this year’s word choices?

Well the Oxford dictionary chose the word “Selfie” and the Merriam- Webster dictionary chose the word “Science”. Selife might’ve been chosen because it sounds more editorial, but why was the word “Science” chosen as the word of the year? It sounds pretty basic if you ask me.

According to Time magazine the Merriam- Webster dictionary relies on numbers when it comes to choosing the word of the year…meaning lots and lots of people looked up the definition of science this year. The dictionary itself picked the word that had the biggest spike in lookups, and for the year 2013 that word was science.

2012’s winner was a tie between the words “Socialism” and “Capitialism”

As to who is looking up the definition of “Science” this much? Well if you think about it, alot of the new stories this year pertained to science in one way or another.

The Merriam -Webster Dictionary defines Science as follows.

sci·ence noun \ˈsī-ən(t)s\

: knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation

: a particular area of scientific study (such as biology, physics, or chemistry) : a particular branch of science

: a subject that is formally studied in a college, university, etc.

Well that’s some interesting information, if you didn’t know what the word of the year was before…you do now!


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