How Family Guy Characters are Allegorical References for the Show Itself

An adjusted Simpson mold for the modern family: the idiot American father figure, undefined and evolving maternal role, lazy and fat son, disgusting antisocial daughter, genius baby, and a talking liberated dog. Otherwise known as Family Guy.

But what if the roles of each character actually broadcast a deeper meaning for the show itself?


What the show was always meant to be: stupid and random. He is the consistent essence of the Family Guy punchline.


An ever-changing role based on the episode’s environment and situation. She represents the evolving female demographic that TV can no longer define. The Simpsons had Marge, a family loving, stay at home, sweat heart Mom, but that character no longer reflects the modern day female. TV, and Family Guy, doesn’t quite have a stereotype for this modern segment, thus Lois vastly changes as a character each episode.


The lazy and fat son is an allegory for the millennial generation: given everything from past generations and considered special without even doing anything of merit.


A demonstration of the show’s clear masculine humor (i.e. Peter farting in her face as the family laughs at her)


Started out as a genius but regressed into a symbol of cheap homosexual humor, symbolizing the show’s decline in satirical content. The early seasons (and role of Stewie) was original and creative, but the the shift of his character represent the decline in the quality of recent seasons.


The infamous death of this character is just an allegory for the death of the show. The writers knew that they had to kill off one of the major 6 characters. Why? To grab the media and our’s attention. Family Guy has gone under the radar and the ploy of killing of Brian has brought it back into the eyes of the public. Killing off the most intelligent character, though most likely subconsciously, symbolizes the death of the show and demonstrates the desperate need for viewers.


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