What Bowl Game Is The University of Maryland Playing In?

Despite being plagued by injuries, the Maryland Terps were able to persevere and finish 7-5 in it’s last season in the ACC. The Terps finished 3-5 in conference play but were still able to blow out North Carolina State in it’s final game of the regular season last week, 41-21. As championship week begins, the Terps will be sitting at home watching all of the various conference championship games wondering where they will be playing in the postseason. It looks like there’s only two options for the Terps this year due to the amount of wins they have and their conference standing.

The Military Bowl is a bowl played annually in Annapolis, MD at Navy Stadium. The game usually pits a mid-level ACC team vs. a top-tier C-USA squad. Maryland played in the bowl back in 2010 and blew out East Carolina 51 to 20. The winner of the bowl gets a payout of a million dollars and a $100,000 donation is made to the USO every year. Ironically though, the bowl usually doesn’t have any connection to any of the military academies and universities in the United States. The Terps seem more likely to head to this bowl because of it’s close proximity.

The Advocare V100 Bowl, also known as the Independence Bowl is played annually in Shreveport, LA at Independence Stadium. The game usually pits an SEC team vs. an ACC team. Maryland played in this bowl once, back in 1990, when Maryland tied Louisiana Tech 34-34. This is the only tie to ever occur in the history of the bowl. The payout for this bowl is $1.1 million but it is unlikely Maryland gets picked for this bowl if the SEC finds other bowls for all of it’s eligible teams. There’s a strong likelihood that the Advocare V100 Bowl officials would pick Boston College or Miami to potentially face Notre Dame.

How are teams picked for bowls? The higher your ranking in your conference, the higher your chances are of getting picked for a bowl with a high payout. As your conference ranking gets lower, so to does the potential payout you can receive from the bowls. For example, Florida State will most likely play in a BCS bowl because they’re unbeaten and they’ll get a payout of approximately $10 million if they win. On the other hand, because Maryland’s conference record isn’t as strong, lower ranked bowls with less of a payout compete to give spots to lower ranked teams. Because Maryland’s conference record is so low, the potential choices are also low. Furthermore, bowls also pick schools depending on the type of crowd they can bring to the game.

How many wins do you need to be bowl-eligible? 6 wins.

When will we find out which bowl Maryland is playing in? Sunday at 8:30pm on ESPN and ESPNU.


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