The Creator Of “The Walking Dead” Is Seeking Revenge

By: Dallas Jordan

 Since 2009 “The Walking Dead” has become one of the biggest shows on television and the creator of the show is now after AMC for his end of the dough.

Frank Darabont was the guy who adapted the highly popular comic book series into a television series back in 2009. In his lawsuit he is claiming that he was supposed to receive 12.5% of the profits from the show, but claims that AMC fired him back in 2011 and didn’t give him a penny.

Since it’s airing in 2009 the show has become increasingly popular, so popular that it’s receiving more ratings than Sunday Night Football, yet AMC is telling Darabont that the show is a “Deficit”. Darabont has said that AMC has defrauded him by producing and distributing the show to itself and essentially screwing him out of his share of the money.

  “The creator of “Mad Men” gets a huge cut of a $3 million fee PER EPISODE, even though Mad Men gets less than 1/4 of the viewership of “The Walking Dead.” says Darabont.

Darabont is suing AMC for millions of dollars and he also wants a cut of “The Talking Dead” which is the talk show that follows each episode.

AMC has not said anything, in regards to this matter.

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