Justin Bieber Deportation Petition


Justin Bieber might be taking a trip back to Canada soon if petitioners gets their way.

According to TMZ, thousands of Americans have become so fed up with Justin’s antics that they signed an online petition on the official White House website demanding that Justin be deported and have his green card revoked.

The White House has promised to review any petition that receives more than 100,000 signatures in 30 days……the Bieber petition has received over 102,000 in just 6 days.

The petition says that Bieber is a dangerous and reckless drug abuser who is not only threatening the safety of our people but is also a terrible influence on our nation’s youth.

According to immigration law, none of Bieber’s recent antics could get him deported. However, if he is found guilty for the egging incident, he could be deported because it will be considered a felony.

So far the White House has not responded.

– Dallas Jordan

Top 5 Moments of Fall 2013 at University of Maryland

Another semester is on the horizon at College Park but before we start anew, let’s remember all of the great memories which occurred during the fall semester of 2013 at the University of Maryland.

5. Maryland Amends a 76 Year Old Mistake

In October of 1937, the University threatened to cancel a football game between the Syracuse Orangeman and the Terps unless Syracuse benched their quarterback who happened to be of color. Wilmat Sidat-Singh’s family was honored and the University publicly apologized to them during halftime of last semester’s Syracuse/Maryland football game in which the family was presented with a suite to watch the game at Byrd Stadium. Lyn Henley, Sidat-Singh’s cousin was quoted on Deadspin as saying “Rightfully or wrongly, I’ve rooted against Maryland my whole life because of this. When I heard that after all these years, they would do the right thing, well, I just cried. You have no idea how important this is to my family.”

4. Maryland Beats Duke In Final ACC Home Game Between The Two Teams

More than 8,000 students and fans (including myself) showed up in record numbers of attendance to Ludwig Field to watch Maryland defeat Duke by two goals after being down 1-0 in the first half. The final score was 3-1 with intensity and hype surrounding the game at an all time HIGH! Coach Sasho Cirovski was quoted in the Washington Post saying that the game was, “one of the great magical nights in Maryland soccer history.” Team leader Patrick Mullins would go on to be drafted professionally in the MLS by the New England Revolution.

3. Cole Field House Hosts Annual Maryland Madness Event

They screaming Cole Field BACK! (Rick Ross voice) With the opening of the Comcast Center, many different events have been moved away from the historic palace known as Cole Field House over the years. Because of this, a lot of students and alumni were hyped up to see the University put the arena to good use. Many of Maryland’s greatest players and coaches from both the women’s and men’s basketball teams came back to campus for one night only to reminisce on some of the greatest memories and wins in Terp history. It was also the night where the men’s and women’s rosters were revealed to the whole campus.

Courtesy: The Diamondback

2. Terrapin’s Turf Opens

Annika McGinnis described it best in The Diamondback:

New live music bar Terrapin’s Turf has been a long time coming.

For almost three-and-a-half years, an angular two-story building has sat vacant near Ratsie’s Pizza on Knox Road, tantalizing students’ memories with flashbacks of the glory days — when students would party all night to live bands at former bar Santa Fe Cafe. But in May 2010, after years of squabbling between the bar’s owners and code enforcement officials over installing a sprinkler system, the bar shut its doors for the last time.

In the next week, Terrapin’s Turf will open in Santa Fe’s former location, after a year-and-a-half delay while owners worked to bring the building up to code.

Students at UMD finally got what they’ve been waiting for…..another option to go out, listen to live music and turn up. While some people have criticisms about Terrapin’s Turf including it’s steep prices, most students were and still are very happy about the new addition to College Park. Many students say that this new addition helps make CP feel more like a college town. Terrapin’s Turf, which will be 1 semester old, is 21+ and is a mixture between a club and a bar which fits the interests of many different types of students whether you enjoy clubbing or like to just hang out at the bar.

Embedded image permalink

1. Tough Semester for Testudo

The lowlights of the semester featured campus’ most beloved symbol, Testudo. During finals week, a burning candle was placed next to Testudo as a sacrifice by a student. As is well known around these parts, sacrifices are offered to Testudo by students as a way of trying to garner good luck for tests, exams and finals. Despite the intent to use the candle as a sacrifice, the candle had other plans and ended up trying to sacrifice Testudo itself.

The structure ended up burning in flames and based on the amount of pageviews this website got, it was one of the biggest stories to surface at College Park in a long time. Students buzzed about this controversy to the point that Testudo became a trending topic WORLDWIDE on Twitter. Luckily, nobody was hurt but all the other “sacrificial lambs” which were left around Testudo were burnt to pieces. It was later revealed that the university determined the burning as accidental.

Despite this being the biggest story surrounding Testudo throughout the semester, this was not the only time Testudo made headlines. Earlier in the semester, on December 6th, a student “sacrificed” a lightpole from somewhere on campus and before that, a dildo was “sacrificed”. Is Testudo losing it’s sacredness or do some students on this campus see value in horrible things? We report, you decide.

HONORABLE MENTION: The Obamas Attend UMD Basketball Game

President Obama and his family attended a Maryland basketball game against the Oregon State Beavers during the semester to watch Michelle’s brother Craig coach the Beavers. This was not the first time the President or his wife Michelle had been to the campus but it was significant because…………….well, he’s the President and she’s the First Lady. Unfortunately, the Obamas were not rooting for the Terps (for obvious reasons) but many attendees were excited because they were able to take really good pictures of the President and because this was probably the closest they would ever get to seeing the Leader of the Free World. There were many cheers and some boos but for the most part, their attendance went by smoothly.

Members of the group TerpThon tried to convince the Obamas to come to the University’s annual 12 hour dance marathon benefiting the Children’s National Health System (which occurs March 8th) by holding up signs which were visible to the Obamas. I was watching the game and noticed Sasha nudging her dad to look at the sign. It seemed as though the President read the sign and then went back to watching the game. Could we see another appearance from the First Family on March 8th on campus?

One thing we won’t discuss about this event though, is how the Terp basketball team blew a 2nd half lead and lost in front of the President.

Have a GREAT semester Terps! A mind is a terrible thing to waste! Work hard, play harder! 🙂

If you have anything to add to this or disagree with something, tweet us @Pulsefeedz

The Cosby Show Is Coming Back


NBC is desperately in need of hit shows. Despite currently being the #2 network in America in the ratings, the network solely depends on 3 shows (The Blacklist, Sunday Night Football, The Voice) for their top spot which makes them vulnerable after the seasons to all 3 of those shows are finished. NBC has decided to use a new strategy of bringing back old stars with new concepts to fix this problem but so far it hasn’t worked (Michael J. Fox, Sean Hayes). Even though they haven’t found success yet, NBC is going to try this strategy one more time with Bill Cosby according to Deadline:

In 1984, The Cosby Show revived the sitcom genre and fueled NBC‘s ratings resurgence. Three decades later, Bill Cosby is looking to bring some of that magic back to NBC, which has been going though a rough time with comedies. The network has made a deal for a half-hour family comedy to star Cosby. As he did in the ’80s, Cosby has partnered with producer Tom Werner, whose company with Marcy Carsey produced Cosby Show. The new comedy will be built around Cosby, who will play the patriarch of a multi-generational family and, like the comedian’s previous family sitcoms – Cosby Show and Cosby on CBS — will channel his take on marriage and parenting. Cosby and Werner are meeting with writers on the project, which has been put on off-season development track.

This show can work but they need to bring back all of the old castmates back to the show and add new ones. For the most part, all of the former castmates of the original Cosby Show are currently unemployed. Adding a brand new wife, new kids and grandkids to the old Cosby Show concept will throw off many viewers and may not be enough to garner big ratings.

Now, the real question is when will NBC bring back “The Fresh Prince of Belair”? Or when will NBC, which built the careers of Cosby and Will Smith, rely on another African-American comedian to start a hit comedy series?

George Washington University Student Found Dead In Dorm

A student was found dead in West Hall on the Mount Vernon Campus on Tuesday evening. Samuel Klein | Photo Editor
Courtesy: The GW Hatchet

A male student at George Washington University was found dead on Tuesday evening according to The GW Hatchet, the school newspaper. Here are more details from the paper:

Campus and city police responded to his room on the Mount Vernon Campus at 5:48 p.m. and are working together to investigate the death, which officers have not classified as a homicide.

“At this time, we have no indication that the death was the result of a criminal act,” University spokeswoman Candace Smith said in a statement around 11:30 p.m. The family of the student has been notified, Smith said.

Police were seen wheeling a stretcher through the West Hall dining commons at 8:35 p.m. as UPD officers at the scene asked students and dining hall workers to clear the area.

West Hall mostly houses first-year students on GW’s campus in the Foxhall neighborhood of D.C.

Here’s a statement from the University:

We are deeply saddened to report that a male student was found deceased in his West Hall residence hall room located on the Mount Vernon Campus. The GW Police Department (GWPD) found the deceased student around 6 p.m. on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.  The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is investigating the death in coordination with GWPD. At this time, we have no indication that the death was the result of a criminal act.  Family of the deceased has been notified.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the student.

TKE Fraternity at Arizona State University Suspended For Racist MLK Party

Here’s the story from NYDN:

A fraternity at Arizona State University that decided to observe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day with shameless racial stereotypes has had its charter suspended.

The group of students from Tau Kappa Epsilon held a party Sunday where they drank from watermelon cups, wore bandanas, and posed for pictures holding their crotches and forming gang signs with their hands.

White students posted their outrageous pictures on Instagram with hashtags such as #blackoutformlk and #ihaveadream.

The university issued a statement stating the college has suspended the charter’s operations and will take additional action against the students involved with the party.

“ASU has one of the most diverse student bodies of any major university in the country, and it is unfortunate that a few misguided individuals held an offensive party at a time when ASU, the state and the nation are celebrating Dr. King’s achievements and legacy. The university will not tolerate this kind of behavior,” the school said.

The school will meet with the national chapter to discuss the issue, the school said.

“We are aware of the situation. We have been contacted and we have been in contact with the local chapter and the university,” explained Patrick Gleason, the director of compliance and housing for the national organization in Indianapolis

Pictures posted to Instagram by those who attended the party included hashtags #blackoutformlk and #ihaveadream, among others.Partygoers also sipped from cups that looked like watermelons.

MY TAKE: Honestly. Like, honestly. Who HONESTLY thought this was a good idea? I’m 20 years old and even I question the thought process of many of my agemates as well. TKE at ASU isn’t the only group of people guilty of coonery and buffoonery on a day which is supposed to be sacred. 

Club promoters who decide to throw twerking festivities and parties on MLK Day or brand their parties during the weekend around Dr. King are just as foolish and stupid. Here’s a clear example:

Embedded image permalink

What has the world come to when one of our nation’s sacred heroes is torn down to these kinds of childish acts? Where’s the fraternity or club promoter or partygoer who will stand up and organize a latenight giveaway of blankets to the homeless or do SOMETHING of service to honor Dr. King rather than organizing crazy insane parties that do everything to disparage Dr. King’s legacy?

UPenn Track Star Shockingly Commits Suicide

Madison Holleran

A very sad story has shocked students at the University of Pennsylvania. Here’s the story from The Daily Mail:

The parents of a popular track star at the University of Pennsylvania who committed suicide on Friday, begged her not to go back to school when she revealed she was unhappy over Christmas. 


The death of 19-year-old freshman Madison Holleran has rocked UPenn community and sent shockwaves through her hometown of Allendale, New Jersey.


And the tragedy has come even more into focus as her devastated family and friends have revealed her sadness stemmed from the strains the student found herself under since going to college. 


Her father James Holleran told the New York Post the student was struggling with her school workload while a family friend revealed her supportive parents told her she could stay home or transfer at Christmas. But sadly the determined teen insisted on going back. 


Holleran posted an image of a sunset over Rittenhouse Square to her Instagram account around 6pm on Friday night – just an hour before police say she jumped to her death from a city center building.

She was pronounced dead at the scene at 7.17pm, the New Jersey Record reported. No one else was injured.

Distraught: Madison, who was one of five children, poses at a Penn meet with her mother StacyMadison Holleran

If you need help or you’re struggling with life, please get help and when you do get that help try your hardest to stay strong. Our condolensces to the family and friends of Madison Holleran. SUICIDE HOTLINE: 1-800-273-8255

Drama at The Kane Show?

One of the highest rated radio shows in the DMV, Baltimore and Florida is going through some controversy that has many fans buzzing. Melanie, a co-host on Hot 99.5 and Z104.3’s morning show “The Kane Show,” announced on Instagram that she is leaving the show to pursue bigger things. Here’s what she wrote on Instagram:

I’m sorry for keeping you all in the dark these last few weeks. While it may not be the answer a lot of you were hoping for– I have left The Kane Show.

This wasn’t a decision I made lightly and I felt like it was ultimately what was best for me and what I needed to do in order to be happy. You get to a point in many career situations where you have to decide whether you want to accept being treated a certain way, or if you should muster up enough respect for yourself to walk away and pursue other opportunities. I chose the latter.

You guys are AMAZING and I feel so honored that many of you cared enough to comment, tweet, Facebook message and e-mail me regarding where I’ve been. You have made me feel so incredibly special! I’m thankful for all the good times that I had on the show and that all of you got to be included in my life, and I in yours. I’ll miss you all and all of the great friends I’ve made at FLZ, but am excited for what’s to come! xox Melanie  emojiemojiemoji

Now, “The Kane Show” is known for having many fake bits on it’s show from the prank calls to the “War of Roses” cheating reveals (which all use voice actors) but this drama seems to be real. Unlike Kane, Intern John and Danni; Melanie was doing the show from a studio in Tampa, Florida (a common practice in radio) so her chemistry with the others at times seemed to be waning.

Kane addressed the issue on his show today and blamed it on himself. He said on the show that he believed he didn’t spend enough time trying to get to know her because of their respective locations and that after talking on-air, they would have no other interactions. He also says that he’s been taking care of his ailing wife who’s had chronic pain for years and that because of those struggles he hasn’t been focused on the show and chemistry as much as he wanted to. Here’s audio to his comments here.

Melanie responded to Kane’s “family meeting” commentary on Instagram:

I didn’t like the way I was portrayed. I’m glad you can tell the type of person I am. I’d never leave bc of the “lack of attention” I was receiving and it’s sad people would believe that.

Kane ended his explanation of Mel’s departure by giving a toast to Mel and her future. There’s no word on where Melanie, who left last Wednesday without saying goodbye to listeners, will be going next.

UPDATE: Fans of the show have accused Danni, a co-host on the show, of bullying Mel out of her position and Danni has responded to the accusations as well as death threats against her daughter on Facebook:

I have not bullied an individual since I was 10 years old and I am still sorry for that. (note to the 1 %ers my bridezillas episode was ridiculous and not reality) Keep spreading your negativity, keep creating stories about what you think went down…but at least have the decency to not tag me. I will say this, If there was ever an issue between me and Mel, I was unaware of it. I am a grown up, if I have a problem, someone hurts my feelings or I feel like things should be different…I have a conversation…I still have no issue with Mel and I wish her the best of luck but getting a message saying my child should die because you are mad someone left their job and somehow YOU decided it was my fault… I am drawing the line.
You DO NOT TOUCH A MOTHER’S BABY. I don’t care how mad you are. Further more, not one of you, unless you are my brothers, mother, Claire, sisters, Slim and Especially my Dad ( sorry daddy, I know we’ve had it rough) has seen me actually angry. Yes I am passionate, but I am not angry ever. Funny how a woman who speaks her mind is a bitch. Maybe I just am firm in my principles, Maybe I know my morals and I know who I am…haven’t always but now I do. And who I am is someone who would never bully another individual…and I will continue to take the high road, but leave my damn daughter alone. I will sleep just fine tonight because regardless of what you think you know, that’s the thing….you only THINK you know.
2nd UPDATE: Mel responded to Danni’s comments on IG:
I never said anything about Danni and I can’t control everything on social media. There are comments on Danni’s page about me, I’m not stressing it bc I can’t control people and I don’t BLAME HER for that or for anything, so people need to stop blaming me and her. STOP! I’ve always been nice, but these comments are getting out of control and awful, about EVERYONE! I’m asking you kindly to please stop or I’ll go through and delete ALL the negative comments about anyone.

RUMOR CONTROL: Was The US Government Found Guilty In The Assassination of MLK?

mlk assassination

This answer might surprise you but YES, it is TRUE. The US government was found guilty indirectly of conspiring to assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King on that fateful day in 1968.

Over 70 witnesses testified during the span of 4 weeks in a civil trial which took place in Memphis, Tennessee. Jurors believed the King family when they stated that they believed James Earl Ray was not responsible for the killing of their patriarch.

The purpose of the King family’s lawsuit was to change the way history books talk about the assassination to future students in the United States and around the world.

Lloyd Jowers, the owner of Jim’s Grill, which was across the street from the motel which Dr. King was staying in at the time said in a TV interview that he was part of the conspiracy together with other government agencies. According to The New York Times:

Mr. Jowers, 73 and in failing health, owned Jim’s Grill in 1968, a restaurant opposite the motel where Dr. King was shot and just below the second-floor rooming house from which, according to James Earl Ray’s confession in 1969, Mr. Ray fired the single shot that killed Dr. King. Mr. Ray, who recanted his confession, hinted at a conspiracy. He died in prison last year while serving a 99-year sentence.

Mr. Jowers, in a 1993 television interview, said that he had hired a Memphis police officer to kill Dr. King from the bushes behind his restaurant. Mr. Jowers said he had been paid to do so by a Memphis grocery store owner with Mafia connections.

The civil suit was filed by Dr. King’s family, who would eventually go on to win $100 which was donated to charity.

Find out more detailed information about how this court case went down from The New York Times and News One.

Who do you believe assassinated Dr. King? James Earl Ray or a collusion between the government and the Mafia?

Top 5 Moments of Fall Semester 2013 at Salisbury University

download (1)

There was happiness, fun times and tragedy during this past fall semester of 2013-2014 at Salisbury University. One thing we know for sure is that this past semester was one that many will never forget. Here are the top 5 moments of the 2013-2014 fall semester:


5. BWW Opens – For many students who’re used to going to BWW on Tuesdays for wing night when they’re back home, this was major boost of morale. Buffalo Wild Wings opened up a Salisbury location near the mall. This was one of many new chains which were built and opened during the fall semester including “The Breakfast Bum” and “Jersey Mike’s”. Students now have more options of what to eat than ever before.

Embedded image permalink

4. Punkin Chunkin 2013 – Our very own Jerrad Pawar reported early during the semester that Salisbury University decided to schedule the bi-annual “War on the Shore” lacrosse game between SU and Washington College during spring break to prevent “riots” similar to what happened during the last go-around. Because of this, Punkin Chukin became the only opportunity for a mass group of students to drink and socialize together outdoors throughout the year and based on the picture seen above from @BuryTMZ, this year’s festivities sure didn’t disappoint.

3. Salisbury Snapchats – A new Twitter account got many Salisbury students buzzing this past semester. @BurySnaps capitalized on the increasing popularity of Snapchat and compiled Snapchat screenshots from various Salisbury students and their endeavors around campus and beyond. Although the account doesn’t have as many followers as @BuryTMZ, it’s easily become one of the most talked about Twitter pages on campus.

2. University Orchard Opens – The apartment complex that everyone was talking about over the past couple of semesters finally opened and it did not disappoint. During the first couple of weekends of the semester, students held kickbacks at their UO apartments without any disruption from RAs or law enforcement. The complex is also way more luxurious than UP and UV and it’s providing major competition for off-campus apartments which may benefit Salisbury as it moves more upperclassmen off of on-campus housing.

Embedded image permalink

1. #BuryStrong – On September 3rd, 2013; the community of Salisbury University was shocked to learn about a murder-suicide which occurred in New Zoo (Onley Rd.) which isn’t too far from campus. Ryan Shallue barged into Kristen Loetz’s home, shooting and killing CJ Abbott, who happened to be in the house at the time. Abbott was trying to protect Loetz from Shallue, who was angry and wanted to speak to Loetz to settle their differences. Unfortunately Shallue would go on to shoot Loetz, seriously wounding her, before killing himself.

While Loetz was in the hospital recovering, various fraternities/sororities and other fellow Salisbury students stood together in unity to pray for Loetz’s recovery. Students also paid tribute to CJ Abbott, a former student at the school, who was hailed as a hero during a campus-wide candlelight vigil held at Red Square.

Despite the tragic events, the most striking thing to see was how Salisbury students of all colors, creeds and other distinctions united on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) under the hashtag #BuryStrong. Many were made aware of the situation through this trending topic and sent their own thoughts and regards to those involved and affected by the situation.

Loetz, an honors student, eventually recovered and is hoping to continue in her pursuit towards a nursing career. In a message written on Thanksgiving day on Facebook, Loetz wrote about the many things she’s thankful for:

4. I’m thankful for all of my friends in Salisbury who not only had to handle what happened to me, but also losing an amazing friend. The fact that you all stood by me and visited me through everything is unbelievable. I can’t thank you all enough. It means so much to me. We all will continue to be there for each other and stay strong the way Ceej would have wanted it.

5. I’m thankful for my best friends in the bury Mel and Laura. Without them, returning to Salisbury would have been impossible. Through every step of my healing process you guys have not left my side. You understand better than anyone else what I’m going through. I know I always have someone to call when I am having a bad day and without a second thought, you are there by my side to cry with me and help me through it. I don’t know what I would do without you.

6. I’m thankful for being able to go back to Salisbury and have a few weekends of fun with friends this past month. Being there without ceej is so hard, and I’d be lying if I said I was totally ok now. Mostly I’d have to say I’m thankful for all the people helping me adjust and help me to do this. But after every breakdown one of my friends is there to pick me up, give me a hug, and tell me everything’s going to be ok. Adam, you have been such a great friend and therapist to me. I can’t think you enough for our talks and the advice you give me. Without all my friends I don’t know what place I’d be at right now. So thank you.

9. I’m thankful for my sisters of Phi Mu who were there to support one another as well as myself through it all. The gifts they showered me with and the endless texts and get well messages were so encouraging and I appreciate it all so much. Kayleigh Emma and Sammi, you three are truly like sisters to me. You have been so understanding and still sticking by me means so much. Thank you guys.

10. I’m thankful for the hundreds of people who reached out and helped my family and wished us well through this process. The support was and still is unbelievable.

11. I’m thankful for the students and staff of Salisbury University who did so much for me and CJ as well as all of our friends who were affected. Administrators visited me in both shock trauma and rehab and kept in contact with my parents throughout. Knowing that my school was there to support me as well is so great.

To read the whole message, click here. We’re so grateful that Kristen is recovering successfully and we wish her all the best.

We also wish all of the students at Salisbury University a great spring semester!

A mind is a terrible thing to waste! Work hard, play harder! 🙂

By the way, if you disagree with any of these or have something to add……TWEET US @PULSEFEEDZ!


Read The X-Rated Sexts Justin Bieber Sent Selena Gomez Last Week

Radar Online/Splash News

Our very own Dallas Jordan gave us an update on everything surrounding the drama that is Justin Bieber earlier today but there’s more to the story which has just come out. Radar Online has one of the biggest scoops of 2014 so far which reveals just how bad Bieber is really doing.

In a bombshell exclusive, RadarOnline.com has obtained X-rated nude photos that a source claims a randy Bieber sent to on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez last week in the midst of a bitter texting fight where she called him “a drug addict” who needs to “go to rehab!”

The messages, which RadarOnline.com has verified are real, were forwarded by a cellphone registered to Gomez’s stepfather, Brian Teefey, to one of her friends.

And they begin innocently enough, before turning graphic.

Here are the texts:

The black boxes are nude pics which Bieber sent to Gomez and the “Kristina” who Gomez refers to in the end is believed to be the reason why Gomez and Bieber’s attempts at getting back together ended. “Za” is a reference to Lil’ Za, who was arrested last week as police entered Bieber’s house to search for video of the egging incident which Bieber is involved in.

Conclusion: This guy needs help.