TMZ Accuses Torrey Smith Of Using A Homophobic Slur


Here’s the story from TMZ:

With the Chris Kluwe gay controversy raging, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith has thrust himself into the mix by hurling a homophobic slur in public. 

Smith just posted a photo on Instagram featuring a man wearing pink flowery socks … along with the caption, “Look at this queen.”



Torrey Smith responded to this story by saying the following:

@TMZ don’t do that I was joking with my brother and if you think I was leaning towards being offensive you would know that I have been supportive of gay rights…if you are looking for a story look somewhere else

MY TAKE: This is disgraceful and horrific!!! How dare TMZ slander the name of an NFL athlete for the pure purpose of raising pageviews on their new sports website.

This was simply a joke about his friend wearing pink socks which some may deem as “girly”. As far as I know, wearing pink socks or being girly does not equate to being gay.

TMZ also equates Torrey’s joke to comments which cornerback Chris Culliver made during the Super Bowl. Culliver stated that he would be against playing with a gay teammate because he’s not into “that sweet stuff”. How are such explicitly offensive comments anywhere NEAR as equal or similar as the joke which Smith made towards his friend?

This type of story takes attention away from the real stories of individuals who speak unintelligent, intolerant falsehoods about the gay community. You can’t expect intolerant people to realize their faults if you’re always looking to find something that offends you. People will either stop taking you seriously OR will ignore you and continue their intolerance.

TMZ should place more spotlight on stories such as Chris Kluwe, who believes he was released from the Vikings because of his pro-gay marriage beliefs, rather than trying to create a narrative that doesn’t exist.

TMZ has another headline up on it’s page which says “Gay War Explodes in the NFL”. In reality though, it’s TMZ who is inciting and igniting the fire of a gay war simply for pageviews. What kind of world do we live in?


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