Michelle Obama Celebrates Her 50th Birthday


 First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated her 50th birthday this weekend, and the President had tons of surprises for his wife.

On Saturday January 18th, the President hosted a birthday party f0r the First Lady at the White House. The invitations promised “snacks, dancing and dessert” and guests were asked to refrain from taking photos inside of the event. The guests were also asked to come wearing comfortable shoes.

Queen B. herself performed at the party. Beyonce’ took to her Tumblr blog where she posted a series of photos taken at the event. The first pictures featured Beyonce’ herself posing in a Sequined Gold mini dress, with nude color heels.


As most know, Beyonce’ has a strong relationship with the first family. If you remember, she sung at the Inaugural Ball back in 2009 and she also performed at Barack’s swearing-in ceremony in 2013.


In addition to Beyonce’, John Legend took to the stage. Many celebrity guests were in attendance such as Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Samuel L. Jackson, Magic Johnson, Gayle King, Gladys Knight, Michael Kors, Rachael Ray, Smokey Robinson, Al Roker, Sheryl Sandberg and Stevie Wonder.

On his way to the event Samuel L. Jackson tweeted

“I am looking forward to saying happy birthday to her, being able to celebrate this great milestone in her life”

The event was filled with dancing and tons of entertainment. At one point, guests were taught how to do the “Dougie”.  Michelle is said to have worn a red and black ensemble, and her daughters invited friends to the bash.

The President and the First Lady have been married for 21 years – halfway through the event President Obama took to the stage to speak about his wife. The guests that were in attendance say that the President’s speech was very touching and beautiful.

Sources inside of the event say that the celebration continued until 2am.

– Dallas Jordan


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