It’s Time For A Justin Update


Justin Bieber has been in the media lately for the his out of control behavior, so what has the 19 year old star gotten himself into now? It was a week ago when Justin and a few of his friends allegedly egged his neighbors home and caused $20,000 worth of damage.

Last Tuesday, 11 LA sheriff patrol cars descended on to Bieber’s property to execute a search warrant which was in relation to Justin’s egg throwing incident outside of his neighbors home. Law enforcement were looking for any evidence that would link Justin to the crime. The warrant was a felony search warrant which means if Justin is found guilty he could land himself in prison and even risk being deported back to Canada.

Cops were not looking for eggs in particular, they were looking for videos or surveillance that could link Justin to the incident. People say that Justin is just acting out, but it clear that he is simply out of control.

“Evidence of the egging on his neighbors home. Photo compliments of TMZ”

When his home was raided cops found drugs and drug paraphernalia all throughout his house.

Sources close to Justin told TMZ that when the LA Police Department searched Justin’s house there were 2 large cookie jars filled with weed in plain sight. There was also 4-5 empty bottles of codeine found along with 3 bongs. Throughout his home there were styrofoam cups lying around that had drawings on them and the names of the people who used them. It’s alleged that the cups were used for a drug called Sizzurp, which is Justin’s drug of choice.

It has been said that Justin has a room in his house dedicated to smoking weed, the room is complete with smoking pipes. It has also been said that when cops showed up to the Bieber mansion, some of his friends who were there went into the smoking room and flushed some of the illicit things down the toilet.

Some people have been wondering why Justin wasn’t arrested when cops found all of these things. Sources in connection to the LAPD say they were not on the hunt for drugs, they were searching for video equipment that may have been attached to surveillance cameras. The cops were not allowed to open the jars filled with weed because it would’ve violated the scope of the search warrant.

Sources close to Justin say that the singer has become addicted to the drug Sizzurp lately. For those who are unsure of what Sizzurp is, it’s typically codeine and promethazine mixed with Sprite and a Jolly Rancher. It may sound like an unharmful drug but it’s a very dangerous narcotic and is known to cause seizures and more.

Justin has also been taking a bunch of prescription pills which include Xanax, in addition to loads of Alcohol and Weed.


A number of people in his life are concerned about him and have urged him to seek rehab treatment. His addictions have been causing him to get into a lot of trouble lately, it was just last week when Justin’s friend Lil Za who lived with Justin at his Calabascas home was arrested for possession of Ectasy.

Sources also connected to the star say they just want him to seek treatment. So far Justin has made no comment.

– Dallas Jordan

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