Drama at The Kane Show?

One of the highest rated radio shows in the DMV, Baltimore and Florida is going through some controversy that has many fans buzzing. Melanie, a co-host on Hot 99.5 and Z104.3’s morning show “The Kane Show,” announced on Instagram that she is leaving the show to pursue bigger things. Here’s what she wrote on Instagram:

I’m sorry for keeping you all in the dark these last few weeks. While it may not be the answer a lot of you were hoping for– I have left The Kane Show.

This wasn’t a decision I made lightly and I felt like it was ultimately what was best for me and what I needed to do in order to be happy. You get to a point in many career situations where you have to decide whether you want to accept being treated a certain way, or if you should muster up enough respect for yourself to walk away and pursue other opportunities. I chose the latter.

You guys are AMAZING and I feel so honored that many of you cared enough to comment, tweet, Facebook message and e-mail me regarding where I’ve been. You have made me feel so incredibly special! I’m thankful for all the good times that I had on the show and that all of you got to be included in my life, and I in yours. I’ll miss you all and all of the great friends I’ve made at FLZ, but am excited for what’s to come! xox Melanie  emojiemojiemoji

Now, “The Kane Show” is known for having many fake bits on it’s show from the prank calls to the “War of Roses” cheating reveals (which all use voice actors) but this drama seems to be real. Unlike Kane, Intern John and Danni; Melanie was doing the show from a studio in Tampa, Florida (a common practice in radio) so her chemistry with the others at times seemed to be waning.

Kane addressed the issue on his show today and blamed it on himself. He said on the show that he believed he didn’t spend enough time trying to get to know her because of their respective locations and that after talking on-air, they would have no other interactions. He also says that he’s been taking care of his ailing wife who’s had chronic pain for years and that because of those struggles he hasn’t been focused on the show and chemistry as much as he wanted to. Here’s audio to his comments here.

Melanie responded to Kane’s “family meeting” commentary on Instagram:

I didn’t like the way I was portrayed. I’m glad you can tell the type of person I am. I’d never leave bc of the “lack of attention” I was receiving and it’s sad people would believe that.

Kane ended his explanation of Mel’s departure by giving a toast to Mel and her future. There’s no word on where Melanie, who left last Wednesday without saying goodbye to listeners, will be going next.

UPDATE: Fans of the show have accused Danni, a co-host on the show, of bullying Mel out of her position and Danni has responded to the accusations as well as death threats against her daughter on Facebook:

I have not bullied an individual since I was 10 years old and I am still sorry for that. (note to the 1 %ers my bridezillas episode was ridiculous and not reality) Keep spreading your negativity, keep creating stories about what you think went down…but at least have the decency to not tag me. I will say this, If there was ever an issue between me and Mel, I was unaware of it. I am a grown up, if I have a problem, someone hurts my feelings or I feel like things should be different…I have a conversation…I still have no issue with Mel and I wish her the best of luck but getting a message saying my child should die because you are mad someone left their job and somehow YOU decided it was my fault… I am drawing the line.
You DO NOT TOUCH A MOTHER’S BABY. I don’t care how mad you are. Further more, not one of you, unless you are my brothers, mother, Claire, sisters, Slim and Especially my Dad ( sorry daddy, I know we’ve had it rough) has seen me actually angry. Yes I am passionate, but I am not angry ever. Funny how a woman who speaks her mind is a bitch. Maybe I just am firm in my principles, Maybe I know my morals and I know who I am…haven’t always but now I do. And who I am is someone who would never bully another individual…and I will continue to take the high road, but leave my damn daughter alone. I will sleep just fine tonight because regardless of what you think you know, that’s the thing….you only THINK you know.
2nd UPDATE: Mel responded to Danni’s comments on IG:
I never said anything about Danni and I can’t control everything on social media. There are comments on Danni’s page about me, I’m not stressing it bc I can’t control people and I don’t BLAME HER for that or for anything, so people need to stop blaming me and her. STOP! I’ve always been nice, but these comments are getting out of control and awful, about EVERYONE! I’m asking you kindly to please stop or I’ll go through and delete ALL the negative comments about anyone.

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