RUMOR CONTROL: Was The US Government Found Guilty In The Assassination of MLK?

mlk assassination

This answer might surprise you but YES, it is TRUE. The US government was found guilty indirectly of conspiring to assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King on that fateful day in 1968.

Over 70 witnesses testified during the span of 4 weeks in a civil trial which took place in Memphis, Tennessee. Jurors believed the King family when they stated that they believed James Earl Ray was not responsible for the killing of their patriarch.

The purpose of the King family’s lawsuit was to change the way history books talk about the assassination to future students in the United States and around the world.

Lloyd Jowers, the owner of Jim’s Grill, which was across the street from the motel which Dr. King was staying in at the time said in a TV interview that he was part of the conspiracy together with other government agencies. According to The New York Times:

Mr. Jowers, 73 and in failing health, owned Jim’s Grill in 1968, a restaurant opposite the motel where Dr. King was shot and just below the second-floor rooming house from which, according to James Earl Ray’s confession in 1969, Mr. Ray fired the single shot that killed Dr. King. Mr. Ray, who recanted his confession, hinted at a conspiracy. He died in prison last year while serving a 99-year sentence.

Mr. Jowers, in a 1993 television interview, said that he had hired a Memphis police officer to kill Dr. King from the bushes behind his restaurant. Mr. Jowers said he had been paid to do so by a Memphis grocery store owner with Mafia connections.

The civil suit was filed by Dr. King’s family, who would eventually go on to win $100 which was donated to charity.

Find out more detailed information about how this court case went down from The New York Times and News One.

Who do you believe assassinated Dr. King? James Earl Ray or a collusion between the government and the Mafia?


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