TKE Fraternity at Arizona State University Suspended For Racist MLK Party

Here’s the story from NYDN:

A fraternity at Arizona State University that decided to observe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day with shameless racial stereotypes has had its charter suspended.

The group of students from Tau Kappa Epsilon held a party Sunday where they drank from watermelon cups, wore bandanas, and posed for pictures holding their crotches and forming gang signs with their hands.

White students posted their outrageous pictures on Instagram with hashtags such as #blackoutformlk and #ihaveadream.

The university issued a statement stating the college has suspended the charter’s operations and will take additional action against the students involved with the party.

“ASU has one of the most diverse student bodies of any major university in the country, and it is unfortunate that a few misguided individuals held an offensive party at a time when ASU, the state and the nation are celebrating Dr. King’s achievements and legacy. The university will not tolerate this kind of behavior,” the school said.

The school will meet with the national chapter to discuss the issue, the school said.

“We are aware of the situation. We have been contacted and we have been in contact with the local chapter and the university,” explained Patrick Gleason, the director of compliance and housing for the national organization in Indianapolis

Pictures posted to Instagram by those who attended the party included hashtags #blackoutformlk and #ihaveadream, among others.Partygoers also sipped from cups that looked like watermelons.

MY TAKE: Honestly. Like, honestly. Who HONESTLY thought this was a good idea? I’m 20 years old and even I question the thought process of many of my agemates as well. TKE at ASU isn’t the only group of people guilty of coonery and buffoonery on a day which is supposed to be sacred. 

Club promoters who decide to throw twerking festivities and parties on MLK Day or brand their parties during the weekend around Dr. King are just as foolish and stupid. Here’s a clear example:

Embedded image permalink

What has the world come to when one of our nation’s sacred heroes is torn down to these kinds of childish acts? Where’s the fraternity or club promoter or partygoer who will stand up and organize a latenight giveaway of blankets to the homeless or do SOMETHING of service to honor Dr. King rather than organizing crazy insane parties that do everything to disparage Dr. King’s legacy?


8 thoughts on “TKE Fraternity at Arizona State University Suspended For Racist MLK Party”

    1. Apparently you aren’t that educated, since you used hashtags on this silly little site. Your grammar skills are lacking as well.

  1. This kind of behavior is sickening. MLK is a visionary who campaigned for change in America for not students of just my ethnicity, but others ethnicities as well, going past stereotypes and presentations and only judgment on character of a person. It saddens me to see people still look at stereotypes to disrespect a holiday such as this, as well as degrade a well-respected man to nothing more than an excuse for a party.

    1. MLK was not a visionary, he said things that would have been said no matter what. Most of his work was plagiarized as well. Had he not been shot, he would not be as well known. It makes absolutely no sense for the whole nation to have off, something like Veterans day should take it’s place.

      1. Really? You sure about that? So he never said anything which changed and impacted a nation? His non-violent stance for civil rights wasn’t noteworthy? I can agree that had he not been shot and was still alive, we probably wouldn’t have a holiday for him but his death was symbolic on it’s own which is why the holiday is necessary. He will forever serve as a martyr for freedom and justice for ALL. By the way, Veterans Day already exists.

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