Top 5 Moments of Fall 2013 at University of Maryland

Another semester is on the horizon at College Park but before we start anew, let’s remember all of the great memories which occurred during the fall semester of 2013 at the University of Maryland.

5. Maryland Amends a 76 Year Old Mistake

In October of 1937, the University threatened to cancel a football game between the Syracuse Orangeman and the Terps unless Syracuse benched their quarterback who happened to be of color. Wilmat Sidat-Singh’s family was honored and the University publicly apologized to them during halftime of last semester’s Syracuse/Maryland football game in which the family was presented with a suite to watch the game at Byrd Stadium. Lyn Henley, Sidat-Singh’s cousin was quoted on Deadspin as saying “Rightfully or wrongly, I’ve rooted against Maryland my whole life because of this. When I heard that after all these years, they would do the right thing, well, I just cried. You have no idea how important this is to my family.”

4. Maryland Beats Duke In Final ACC Home Game Between The Two Teams

More than 8,000 students and fans (including myself) showed up in record numbers of attendance to Ludwig Field to watch Maryland defeat Duke by two goals after being down 1-0 in the first half. The final score was 3-1 with intensity and hype surrounding the game at an all time HIGH! Coach Sasho Cirovski was quoted in the Washington Post saying that the game was, “one of the great magical nights in Maryland soccer history.” Team leader Patrick Mullins would go on to be drafted professionally in the MLS by the New England Revolution.

3. Cole Field House Hosts Annual Maryland Madness Event

They screaming Cole Field BACK! (Rick Ross voice) With the opening of the Comcast Center, many different events have been moved away from the historic palace known as Cole Field House over the years. Because of this, a lot of students and alumni were hyped up to see the University put the arena to good use. Many of Maryland’s greatest players and coaches from both the women’s and men’s basketball teams came back to campus for one night only to reminisce on some of the greatest memories and wins in Terp history. It was also the night where the men’s and women’s rosters were revealed to the whole campus.

Courtesy: The Diamondback

2. Terrapin’s Turf Opens

Annika McGinnis described it best in The Diamondback:

New live music bar Terrapin’s Turf has been a long time coming.

For almost three-and-a-half years, an angular two-story building has sat vacant near Ratsie’s Pizza on Knox Road, tantalizing students’ memories with flashbacks of the glory days — when students would party all night to live bands at former bar Santa Fe Cafe. But in May 2010, after years of squabbling between the bar’s owners and code enforcement officials over installing a sprinkler system, the bar shut its doors for the last time.

In the next week, Terrapin’s Turf will open in Santa Fe’s former location, after a year-and-a-half delay while owners worked to bring the building up to code.

Students at UMD finally got what they’ve been waiting for…..another option to go out, listen to live music and turn up. While some people have criticisms about Terrapin’s Turf including it’s steep prices, most students were and still are very happy about the new addition to College Park. Many students say that this new addition helps make CP feel more like a college town. Terrapin’s Turf, which will be 1 semester old, is 21+ and is a mixture between a club and a bar which fits the interests of many different types of students whether you enjoy clubbing or like to just hang out at the bar.

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1. Tough Semester for Testudo

The lowlights of the semester featured campus’ most beloved symbol, Testudo. During finals week, a burning candle was placed next to Testudo as a sacrifice by a student. As is well known around these parts, sacrifices are offered to Testudo by students as a way of trying to garner good luck for tests, exams and finals. Despite the intent to use the candle as a sacrifice, the candle had other plans and ended up trying to sacrifice Testudo itself.

The structure ended up burning in flames and based on the amount of pageviews this website got, it was one of the biggest stories to surface at College Park in a long time. Students buzzed about this controversy to the point that Testudo became a trending topic WORLDWIDE on Twitter. Luckily, nobody was hurt but all the other “sacrificial lambs” which were left around Testudo were burnt to pieces. It was later revealed that the university determined the burning as accidental.

Despite this being the biggest story surrounding Testudo throughout the semester, this was not the only time Testudo made headlines. Earlier in the semester, on December 6th, a student “sacrificed” a lightpole from somewhere on campus and before that, a dildo was “sacrificed”. Is Testudo losing it’s sacredness or do some students on this campus see value in horrible things? We report, you decide.

HONORABLE MENTION: The Obamas Attend UMD Basketball Game

President Obama and his family attended a Maryland basketball game against the Oregon State Beavers during the semester to watch Michelle’s brother Craig coach the Beavers. This was not the first time the President or his wife Michelle had been to the campus but it was significant because…………….well, he’s the President and she’s the First Lady. Unfortunately, the Obamas were not rooting for the Terps (for obvious reasons) but many attendees were excited because they were able to take really good pictures of the President and because this was probably the closest they would ever get to seeing the Leader of the Free World. There were many cheers and some boos but for the most part, their attendance went by smoothly.

Members of the group TerpThon tried to convince the Obamas to come to the University’s annual 12 hour dance marathon benefiting the Children’s National Health System (which occurs March 8th) by holding up signs which were visible to the Obamas. I was watching the game and noticed Sasha nudging her dad to look at the sign. It seemed as though the President read the sign and then went back to watching the game. Could we see another appearance from the First Family on March 8th on campus?

One thing we won’t discuss about this event though, is how the Terp basketball team blew a 2nd half lead and lost in front of the President.

Have a GREAT semester Terps! A mind is a terrible thing to waste! Work hard, play harder! 🙂

If you have anything to add to this or disagree with something, tweet us @Pulsefeedz


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