JMan’s Super Bowl Observations

1. Legitimately feel bad for Peyton, he’s a really good guy. I would’ve rather seen this happen to Tom Brady than Peyton Manning if I’m being honest. The worst part is this could’ve been his last game ever. According to some commentators, Peyton has an appointment on Tuesday to check how his neck is doing and if it’s in bad condition, then it’s over for one of the greatest to ever play the game. On another note, it’s really sad that talented players get classified based on the amount of championships they win even though most talented players usually play no role in making personnel decisions. Championships are won by TEAMS not individuals.

2. With all that being said, no one can EVER say Joe Flacco isn’t elite after tonight.

Joe Flacco in the SB last year – 22/33, 287 yds., 3 TDs, 0 INTs, 93.4 QBR
Peyton Manning tonight – 34/49, 280 yds., 1 TD, 2 INTs, 24.4 QBR

Who was the better QB when it mattered?

3. Don’t know how Percy Harvin didn’t win MVP. His return TD cemented Seattle’s win and put a dent to any chance the Broncos had to come back at all. To be honest, the whole team should’ve won MVP, no one really stood out… was DEFINTELY a team effort. The Seahawks defense was just as dominant as the 2000 Ravens and almost reached the heights of the 1985 Chicago Bears.

4. Bruno Mars was amazing! Performances like those separate good artists from the greats. Surprised the performance wasn’t more planned out though, it was relatively short compared to other SB halftime performances. Past halftime shows have had many different dimensions (surprise appearances by other artists, amazing technology, cool fireworks and graphics etc.) to it while this show was very predictable. Despite it’s predictability, I expect him to get way more recognition now that he’s performed at such a big event.

5. Peyton Manning is first QB since Kurt Warner (Rams/Cards) to lose the Super Bowl after switching teams. Russell Wilson, on the other hand, is the 2nd African-American quarterback to win it all (Doug Williams, Redskins) and the 3rd youngest quarterback to ever win the big game. Wilson surprisingly wins his first championship before Andrew Luck and RG3. Who would’ve thought that a couple of years ago?

6. God has truly shown favor to Tim Tebow. Tebow may not have an NFL job but he’s now a high profile analyst on ESPN, his Super Bowl commercial was well-received, really funny and the team that traded him for someone else lost in the biggest game of the year.

7. This Super Bowl, commercials-wise, was way too emotional, somber, patriotic and sentimental. There has been major criticism over the years about how the commercials have become way too sexualized and serve no meaning or purpose. While I would definitely agree with that sentiment, at least the sexualized commercials from the past offered some type of pizzazz and surprise which viewers didn’t expect. This year’s commercials truly did a great job matching the boredom and intensity (or lack thereof) of the game itself. In the age when sites like “Upworthy” dominate the internet, being sentimental and inspiring is always the cool way to go when trying to promote the positivity your product brings to society. But when EVERY single company attempts the same strategy, the format gets old and tiring. Not to mention, most of this year’s commercials ONCE AGAIN had no meaning and served no purpose. What a great way to waste $4 million.

8. The two REAL winners of this year’s big game were ESurance and the 90s. “Seinfeld” and “Full House,” two beloved sitcoms from the 90s, reunited in a series of commercials during the game. The commercials were slapstick funny and gave viewers a sense of nostalgia back to the days when television was actually good. Awkwardly though, their appearances prove that creativity is non-existent in Hollywood. There aren’t many new sitcoms which exist nowadays which are just as good as “Seinfeld” and “Full House” were. It was also weird to see a staple of NBC featured very prominently on Fox together with a major cornerstone of San Francisco, who were displayed during what would eventually be a blowout by San Fran’s fiercest rival Seattle.

9. ESurance definitely took a W when it comes to marketing. Their commercial featured a young, handsome guy sitting on a couch with what was presumably $1.5 million. The guy in the commercial made a couple of jokes and announced that the company was giving $1.5 million away to someone on Twitter if they used the hashtag, “#EsuranceSave30”. This hashtag is STILL trending as I write this post.

10. The person who deserves the MOST credit for Seattle’s Super Bowl win is without a doubt, Reggie Bush. If Reggie Bush hadn’t broken NCAA rules and accepted money while playing college football, Pete Carroll may not be the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. The NBA also played a role in the emergence of the Seahawks because without the league deciding to move Supersonics to Oklahoma City, there may not have been any sense of urgency on the Seahawks’ part to try and acquire a gamechanging leader like Carroll to take over the franchise. Before Pete set foot in Seattle, the Sonics were the city’s most beloved sports pastime by far. With this win, the Seahawks have now become Seattle’s favorite team. Biggest loser: Los Angeles, where USC now sucks and they STILL don’t have an NFL team.

11. Hillary Clinton MAY or MAY NOT win the 2016 Presidential Election but she definitely won Twitter during the Big Game just like Ronan Farrow won Twitter during the Golden Globes’ Woody Allen tribute:

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