You Hate America If You Hate Coke’s Super Bowl Commercial

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All you have to do is search Twitter with the words “Coca Cola English” and you’ll see how much bigotry and insensitivity still rules over the United States of America.

During Sunday night’s Super Bowl matchup, Coca Cola advertised their product using “America The Beautiful” as the theme music behind their commercial. The twist? The song was sung by participants of the commercial in other languages including Spanish and Arabic.

The ad drew ire all over Twitter as you can see here, courtesy of Public Shaming:




This reaction makes me ponder a lot of questions.

  1. How many Americans realize that they most likely have ancestry outside of America? Unless you are of Native American descent, your family does not originate in North America.
  2. Does anyone who is annoyed by this commercial realize that English is not a language invented in America?
  3. Does anyone annoyed by this commercial realize that the word “football” originated from another country OR that the first usage of the word “football” in the United States was associated with a game which was not invented in the United States?
  4. Does speaking another language make you “less American”? Does speaking another language as your first language make you “less American”?
  5. If, as a white American, you are offended by diversity and other races co-existing then shouldn’t Native Americans be offended by your own existence?
  6. Was English even the first language to ever be spoken in the United States of America?

BTW, here’s the “offensive” Coke commercial if you missed it.

– JMan


6 thoughts on “You Hate America If You Hate Coke’s Super Bowl Commercial”

  1. Dear As*hole I hate America if I hate this commercial …yeah that’s I why I served and bled in the military as my father did and his father… was an honor and a privilege to serve. something I know you know nothing about. I am so tired of people like you who claim all these ridiculous things yet you enjoy the freedom and prosperity paid for in blood by people like me. The point most people are making is that this is AMERICA not any other place ….fill in the blank this is a beloved national song and should be sung in one language only ENGLISH …this is not bigotry …racism or any other bs mud slinging you want to put out there. The fact of the matter is we speak English in America and this is a national song of pride ..if you went to korea to a national sporting event they will never sing their anthem in English it would be an outrage as it would in any country. The reason people are outraged is just this …they took a national song of pride during the largest national sporting event for all the world to see and they desecrated this song equivalent to a foreigner pissing on the flag on live tv…if you cannot disseminate that from watching this ad you are surely lacking in any form of understanding or reasoning ….for all you hyphenated folks out there let me just say this there are no African americans or Spanish americans or Latvian americans and list goes on and on …..the term the great melting pot is just that …we have come from all over to melt into one nation and that nation is AMERICA …and only AMERICA no hyphens so if you want to be a what slash American …get the fuck out !!!!!! this is AMERICA we speak English here and only English if that’s not your thing and you want a hypen and to speak anything but English GET THE FUCK OUT !!!!!! We only have time and room for English speaking people who want to be AMERICANS !!!! as for coke get the fuck out !!!!! we don’t need you, time to move on ….all kinds of beverages out there. AMERICANS STAND UP BE PROUD DO NOT COWER IN POLITICAL CORRECTNESS BITING YOUR TONGUE AND ALLOWING THESE HATERS AND USURPERS TO SPREAD THEIR CRAP. COCA COLA FAREWELL AND FUCK OFF WE DONT NEED YOU !!!!!!

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