Scandal Recap


“Scandal” had everyone tweeting and talking last night when Season 3 returned. For those of you who missed last night’s episode, don’t worry Pulsefeedz has you covered.

After murdering her husband, Sally Langston admitted that she has decided to run against President Grant in the next election. However, Sally told President Grant that she would not be stepping down as the current Vice President. This caused Fitz to go into an uproar and engage in a full on “drink in the middle of the day panic” where he quickly named California governor, Andrew Nichols, as his new running mate.

Meanwhile, Quinn was off portraying the role of the perfect girlfriend with Charlie and helped him kidnap a coroner’s kid. Harrison received a booty call from his past when Nazanin Boniadi from “Homeland” showed up, unannounced at O.P.A.

James revealed that he despises his husband and has since been leaking information regarding the Daniel Douglas Langston murder cover-up to the press.


You’re probably wondering what Olivia Pope was doing? Olivia received a shocking threat from her father telling her to run and hide because he was destined to get back at Fitz, for kicking him out of B613. Olivia also named Jake as her new fake boyfriend, so the press would stop claiming her as Fitz’s mistress.

Watch “Scandal” Thursday nights at 10/9c on ABC.

– Dallas Jordan

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