Crisis in Ukraine Explainer

Confused by what’s happening in Ukraine? We’re here to help.

What’s happening?

Droves of Ukrainians (mostly young people) have been protesting on and off in different parts of Ukraine against the government’s policies.

What’s wrong with the Ukrainian government’s policies?

According to protesters, the government’s strong ties with Russia are hurting the country’s economy.

In November of 2013, Ukraine was very close to an agreement which would’ve added Ukraine into the European Union (a union of European countries which does business together and meets to try and solve global political issues).

But before an agreement could be reached, the President of Ukraine ended talks and decided to keep status quo with Russia.

So what happened after that?

Ukraine’s parliament passed new anti-protest laws which caused many clashes between the police and protesters. On February 20th, 77 people were killed because of these clashes.

The opposition, made up of protesters, and the President reached a deal which called for early elections to occur in December. But after the deal was reached, the President left Ukraine for refuge in Russia because of what is presumed to be security reasons.

The President claims he is still in power while the opposition claims he’s no longer in power as long as he’s not in town.

What is Russia doing in response to what’s happening in Ukraine?

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– courtesy of Vice News

What are the possible outcomes of this conflict?

1. A new government is formed between the two sides and they agree to join the EU.

2. Russia invades all of Ukraine and places the old government back in

How will the US respond?

Only time will tell. But they might place economic sanctions against Ukraine or they might send troops to Ukraine to fight Russia and World War 3 will begin or they might just do nothing.

What do you think President Obama should do?

Comment below.

Source: BBC

– JMan


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