Salisbury U Football Joins New Jersey Athletic Conference

Salisbury University’s football squad will be joining a new conference beginning in 2015. The two-time Empire 8 conference champions will be joining the New Jersey Athletic Conference alongside Frostburg University and Wesley College among others.

With this move, Salisbury’s football team won’t have to travel so far to play conference away games. In the Empire 8, many of the teams are based in upstate New York which meant that some trips could take 8-10 hours.

The team will also be able to keep it’s Regents Cup rivalry vs. Frostburg and will face tougher competition than it ever has before. The Seagulls are 33-38 vs. teams from the NJAC.

All other sports will stay in the Capital Athletic Conference.

MY TAKE: A huge majority of out of state students who attend SU come from the New Jersey area (including our very own Jerrad Pawar) and this move will help SU recruit even more New Jersey natives by raising awareness about the school in the state.

It’ll also be advantageous to Salisbury students from N.J. who’re eager to support their school at football games during winter break but can’t do so because of the distance. SU football away games in New Jersey will bring a little college flavor close to home.

Source: WBOC


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