UMD Students Start Petition To Close School March 4th

Cancel School March 4th 2014

A new petition is going around social media amongst Maryland students and in the span of a couple hours has already gotten over 2,000 signatures.

After word broke that school would be still be in session tomorrow, Victor Chen created a petition asking for President Loh to close school:

Weather conditions are too dangerous for us to walk to class. There have already been a few accidents and local schools have already canceled.  Delayed opening is simply not enough.

Other petitioners agree with the cause such as Ali Jourabchi, who while commenting about the petition also took shots at President Loh:

I dont have a suv that can drive in such conditions because i couldnt get a loan due to the fact that my credit was recently compromised.

Others have weighed in Twitter:

Not too long ago, UMD students were exalting a lot of praise towards President Loh.

It’s funny how quick things change. Here’s a link to the petition here.

I would be shocked if President Loh responded to the petition but stayed tuned to this page in case he does!


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