RUMOR CONTROL: Did Justin Bieber Legally Change His Race?


If you told me that you’ve been observing Justin Bieber’s career over the past couple of years and didn’t notice a change in the type of people he hangs out with, I would call you a liar. Has that change made him realize his true identity? According to CreamBMP, it has. Here’s the story:

“I’m the richest black man under twenty one and I got all this money, because my people deserve it”  Said Justin after stepping out of a Canadian courtroom early Tuesday morning. Justin Bieber legally changed his race to African American while back in Canada on rest from a grueling tour schedule. “I was just tired of all the ‘I’m acting black comments’. Now I’m not acting black, because legally I am black” Said Justin minutes after signing the papers signifying his blackness “Its like being gay. You don’t choose to be gay you’re born gay. I was born black” Justin Bieber who has a net worth of $160 million is now legally the richest African American under 21 and plans to join the United Negro College Fund board to become one of the largest donors toward the education of African American men and women.

How honorable is it that Bieber will be joining the United Negro College Fund’s board of trustees? He’s truly reinvigorating himself into a true black man.

Too bad this story is FALSE. Seriously? You actually believed this? Seriously? 

No, but seriously?

Cream BMP, the site where this story transpired from in the first place, is a satire/parody site.


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