Teenager Attempts Suicide Because He Couldn’t Take Perfect Selfie

This story should be classified under the category, “FIND YOUR CHILL!”

19-year-old Danny Bowman spent 10 hours each day taking up to 200 pictures of himself on his IPhone but was never satisfied with his results according to The Daily Mirror.

He decided that because he couldn’t take the perfect selfie, he should no longer exist on this earth.

“I was constantly in search of taking the perfect selfie and when I realized I couldn’t I wanted to die. I lost my friends, my education, my health and almost my life,” Bowman said.

Bowman had dropped out of school, lost weight and refused to leave his home for six months before overdosing on drugs. Fortunately, his mom found him before the situation could get any worse.

Here’s more of what Bowman told The Daily Mirror:

People don’t realize when they post a picture of themselves on Facebook or Twitter it can so quickly spiral out of control. It becomes a mission to get approval and it can destroy anyone.

It’s a real problem like drugs, alcohol or gambling. I don’t want anyone to go through what I’ve been through.

MY TAKE: Mr. Bowman’s case is very extreme but I doubt he’s the first person in the world to feel bad about themselves because they didn’t get enough likes on social media.

As funny as it may sound to some, attaining likes on social media has become this generation’s equivalent of being accepted their peers. The more likes, the more accepted and popular you must be.

This story should serve as a lesson for those who think in that manner to not take the interwebs and it’s likes/follows system so seriously. #StopTheParanoia

Just because someone has more likes and follows than you doesn’t mean they’re better than you, more worthy of a great life than you or more successful than you are. It’s just likes people! FIND YOUR CHILL!

You all need to love yourself as much as possible or else you’ll never be able to recognize when love is coming your way from other people.

Author Ian Wallace says it best:

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?”

– JMan


4 thoughts on “Teenager Attempts Suicide Because He Couldn’t Take Perfect Selfie”

  1. “Fortunately, his mom found him before the situation could get any worse.”

    Man that was a close one, if only there were signs . . . like dropping out of school and losing weight . . .six months ago . . .

  2. This boy has a completely different problem. The selfie and social media are NOT the bloody issue and he needs to get counseling NOW. Picture taking is a tiny symptom of a larger issue. He is young and full of potential, and needs help before he attempts to throw it away again. Internet “diagnoses” are touch-and-go by nature, but he should be evaluated for OCD, depression, or possible bipolarity — these things can be helped and controlled. He is too young to be suffering this way unaided.

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