YouTube Star “Don’t Jealous Me” Gets His Own TV Show


Famous African YouTuber Don’t Jealous Me, also known as T-Boy, has finally hit it big launching his own television series on British television.

The show, known as “The T-Boy Show,” is about a rich Nigerian boy who comes to live with his aunt and cousin in the United Kingdom who aren’t as wealthy.

Debra Odutuyo, the show’s producer, describes the show as “Fresh Prince” meets “Coming to America” with a twist.

The show debuted Tuesday on a new channel in the UK known as London Live, which broadcasts exclusively in the London area.

While the show represents another major milestone in the improvement of African entertainment programming, the ratings for the show didn’t fare well against other established competitors such as BBC.

This shows how much of a challenge it is to convert YouTube success into television success. Luckily though, this is only episode one and there’s room to grow an audience within time.

T-Boy’s fans on Twitter were impressed with the show.

This is T-Boy’s second foray into television after guest starring in another African sitcom, Meet The Adebanjos, which started as an online show before being picked up by a cable channel in the U.K.

“The T-Boy Show” is one of only two known sitcoms to ever appear on broadcast television in the United Kingdom starring an African cast.

To watch the first episode of “The T-Boy Show,” click here.


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