When Is Rape Okay?


A scary image has been spreading across social media and has many people riled up.

A poll done by Jacqueline Goodchilds, a psychology professor at UCLA, shows that many high school students seem to support rape when certain circumstances come into play.

The picture has elicited many comments from social media users such as this:

the idea that ANY of these kids, male or female, said yes to any of these questions in general is just messed up… rape is never ok… no matter what /:

Fortunately, this poll was taken in April 1979 and is not reflective of today’s generation. Unfortunately though, the image is spreading throughout the interwebs without transparency about what the actual facts are when it comes to the essence of this poll.

There are major concerns about how the poll was represented.


With that being said, even if the poll is imprecise, it makes you wonder how many people (such as the alleged rapists in the Steubenville case) actually really do think this way?

For the record, RAPE IS NEVER OKAY. Even though this poll certainly has many errors in it, it’s important to spread awareness about the vulgarity of rape because not everyone is as educated as they should be.

To learn more about the inaccuracies of the poll, log on to FearUs.org

– JMan


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