Jerrad Pawar Seeks To Bring About His Own Change On Salisbury’s Campus

FULL DISCLOSURE: Jerrad Pawar is a friend and colleague of mine as well as an active member of Pulsefeedz. This interview was solely my idea and we have the Facebook chat history to prove it.

Regrettably, I didn’t get a chance to interview opposing candidates.

Evan Miller is also running for SGA President. Miller, a former SGA senator, is running because he “wants to represent the awesome student body that we are.” For more on Miller’s campaign, click here.

Will Baron will also be opposing Miller and Pawar. Baron has been active with the SGA in previous years and was well-known for his work on improving campus sustainability.


Jerrad Pawar, a junior at Salisbury University, joined me to discuss his bid for presidency of the Student Government Association.

1. Your campaign slogan is “Pawar for SGA Prez: because dogs love Paw-ar.” But do dogs really like Pawar? How do you know this?

Yeah, I’ve gotten a lot of flak for the campaign being corny, but it’s a serious position and I want students to know I’m a guy who can make fun of himself and not take everything serious all the time. As for dogs, I have two of them so I’m a big dog lover. I love them…I pretend to think they love me.

2. One of your campaign promises is for SGA to organize less events and handle more legislation. What’s wrong with SGA organizing programs though?

How else do you get the student body excited and pumped to be Seagulls if you don’t organize events which get them involved on campus?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with us organizing programs I just think there might be too much of it.

If you look around campus you see the parking garage, water re-fill station, and a smoke free campus, this was all done through legislation through SGA.

Those are tangible changes that the students can see and I think we’ve gotten away from it. I’m not cutting programming, I’m just going to have a stronger focus on bills and legislation.

2013 SGA E-Board, which included Jerrad Pawar, Evan Miller and Will Baron (courtesy of Jerrad Pawar’s Facebook)

3. As a Greek, how can you assure non-Greeks that you won’t be biased towards Greeks or assure your rival Greeks that you won’t be biased against them?

The way the SGA is constructed is that anything we pass, whether it be programming or legislative, must apply to all students. I want to make a positive impact for all students. While I am Greek, I’m also a participant of RSO’s.

4. What is the first piece of legislation you would try to get passed on your first day on the job?

The first piece of legislation that I really want to focus on is parking, which I’ve already started doing some basic research for a bill.

As construction on Caruthers continue, the university will lose some parking in the TETC area. There needs to be a short term fix for parking until additional parking comes in by the tennis courts.

5.  In your pitch to the student body on Facebook, you said “if you saw the amount of money that was really just not spent or put to good use, you wouldn’t be happy.” Any examples?

Programming as a whole can be very valuable. However, I feel like as a whole there’s a bit of over-programming.

For example, we’ve had safety events where we’ve poured 500 dollars in an event where only 15-20 students show up. For that amount of money the impact needs to be greater.

6. Is there any legislation which another school’s SGA has worked on which you believe would be beneficial at SU?

Yes actually, I’ve seen a few bike sharing programs be implemented through a few schools.

For SU, where a lot of students use bikes to get around, I think it could be useful. An easy renting service for bikes could be a benefit for students.

7.  A common complaint I’ve heard from minority students is that they feel ignored and separated from the rest of the campus. How do you plan on combating that?

As a whole, SGA wants to promote student activity, especially with minority organizations. Salisbury University has diversified greatly these past few years.

To support these organizations, we want their events and meetings to be more visible to the students. I’ve even brought up the possibility of putting a calendar on the front page of the main Salisbury website regarding just student events/meetings to increase awareness within the student body.

(courtesy of Jerrad Pawar’s Facebook)

8. Having served on the previous SGA E-Board, what is something you’ve learned; something you really liked about what you did; and something you want to do differently?

That experience is vital and it made me learn how to balance what the students need and what the administration needs. It’s all about meeting in the middle because in the end all parties involved want to improve Salisbury in any way we can.

9. Do you think the various Twitter accounts associated with the school give a positive or negative portrayal of Salisbury?

I think it depends on whose viewing it. I think prospective students may enjoy it since it gives a little bit of insight on the social aspect of college. Their parents? That’s another story.

All in all, I want to thank all the students who attend here, Salisbury wouldn’t be the same without its students. Thanks to all for their support!

10. Anything else you want to let readers know?

I just want them to know that I’m very aware of there frustration with some of the issues at campus and I’ll do whatever I can do to alleviate these issues.

Polls close on Friday at 5 p.m. Students can vote by clicking HERE.


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