Til’ Death Do Us Part

Couple Married 70 Years Die 15 Hours Apart

True love is something that everyone wants but doesn’t always find. The Felumlees are the definition of true soul mates. The Ohio couple, who held hands at breakfast every morning, died 15 hours apart after 70 years of marriage.

Helen Felumlee died on April 12th at the age of 92 while her husband Kenneth Felumlee died the next morning at the age of 91.

“They remained deeply in love until the very end, even eating breakfast while holding hands,” said their daughter Linda Cody. “We knew when one went, the other was going to go.”

Couple Married 70 Years Die 15 Hours Apart| Real People Stories

According to Linda, about 12 hours after Helen died, Kenneth looked at his children and said “Mom’s dead”. It was at that moment that Kenneth began to fade. The next morning when he died, he was surrounded by 24 of his closest family members.

Kenneth and Helen had known one another since they were teenagers. The two eloped in Newport, Kentucky across the Ohio River from Cincinnati on February 20th, 1944; two days before Kenneth’s 21st birthday.

Kenneth worked as a railroad car inspector and mechanic before becoming a mail carrier for the Nashport Post Office. He was also very active in his Nashport-Irville United Methodist Church working as a Sunday school teacher.

On the other hand, Helen stayed at home, cooking and cleaning not only for her own family but also for other families in need in the area. She taught Sunday school as well but was more known for her greeting card ministry that sent cards for birthdays, sympathy and the holidays to everyone in her community, each with a personal note inside.

Her family always joked that Helen kept Hallmark in business.

“At Dad’s bed we were singing his favorite hymns, reading scriptures and praying with him,” son Dick Felumlee told The Associated Press in an email. “It was a going away party, and we know he loved it”.

The Felumlees are the real life example of true love. When they took those vows and said the phrase “Til death do us part,” they truly meant that. This is a lesson to everyone that love is hard to find but it really does exist.

– Dallas Jordan


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