Read The Letter Which Forced UMD Police To Respond To Shooting Threat

University of Maryland police sent an alarming letter to students this morning regarding a shooting threat at the Stamp Student Union.

Dear University of Maryland Community,

On April 28, 2014, a UMD student organization sent a letter to its membership about a member who is also a student at UMD.  The letter warned the group to stay away from certain areas of campus, specifically the Student Union, due to recent comments made by the individual member.

Over the past several hours, a copy of this letter has spread throughout our campus and concerns have been expressed about the content of the letter posted by the organization.  A University of Maryland Police Department Detective has interviewed this student and is looking into the statements made last night.  Although the investigation is on-going, there is no threat to the safety of the University community by this student.  Our Detectives have been working with both the organization, the student involved, and the Office of Student Conduct to bring closure to the issue.

Here is the letter which was sent by the Korean Campus Ministry organization to it’s members courtesy of Reddit:

Hey KCM,

We have an emergency situation:

It is regarding another student who may be a danger to himself and to others. I will explain further below. But first…

Please be cautious of going to Stamp for the time being, most likely the rest of the semester. Preferably, do not go to Stamp at all, if possible. If you need to buy food, then please avoid public areas like the Baltimore Room.

Also, for the time being, Focus Family, Prayer Meeting, E-Team meeting, XEE, and Large Group will be cancelled for this week. We will update you further.

Throughout this semester, there has been an issue with one of our fellow students. I do not feel comfortable disclosing his name publicly over this email, but I am sure a lot of you know who he is already. To summarize, he has been unstable and has mentioned buying a weapon to one of our members three weeks ago. We approached the police then. They searched his home and found that he does not have a weapon. But today, he made threats against the ministry and the officers specifically. We approached the police with this information but they cannot do anything because that student has not actually committed an offense.

So the best thing we can do, for safety, is to avoid contact with that student for the time being until we can draw up a more solid plan of action.


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