Kappa Sigma Fraternity Placed On Interim Suspension By Salisbury University

An interim suspension has been set in stone for the Pi Sigma chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity Inc. after allegedly subjecting three women to “sexually graphic” behaviors.

Dane Foust, vice president of student affairs at Salisbury University, sent out a campus-wide email which stated the following:

On Tuesday evening, a student organization participated in a variety show for an audience of fraternity and sorority members where female students on stage and other attendees were subjected to behaviors that many deem to be demeaning and sexually graphic.  These incidents are taken seriously by Salisbury University.

An investigation of the allegations has begun to determine the group’s and individual members’ responsibility in accordance with campus standards including the Student Code of Conduct and sexual harassment policies.  The organization, Kappa Sigma fraternity, has been placed on interim suspension pending a full review, and its national organization has been notified.

The University values each and every member of our community and expects behaviors that represent the campus, the organization and the individual to be at the highest levels.  Actions that are found to be in violation of the campus policies will be dealt with appropriately and will not be tolerated.

According to multiple sources, this happened Tuesday night during Greek Week at SU. Some new members of the fraternity called three random girls to the stage during a karaoke event.

The members proceeded to simulate self-pleasure while spraying whip cream on the females.  The chapter said in a statement that they would be suspending the members involved for at least one year.

One of our sources says that the fraternity used chocolate as a prop last year to pour on themselves which could indicate that it may be part of a tradition to use props, although this is unclear.

It is also unclear what the intent of the skit was. To join Kappa Sig, pledges must have a 2.3 GPA after 12 credits and “have a strong desire to be part of something greater than yourself,” according to their website.


3 thoughts on “Kappa Sigma Fraternity Placed On Interim Suspension By Salisbury University”

  1. This has been a long time coming for this chapter. They have a terrible reputation on campus and I am glad the dean was at this event so they finally get sanctioned for their behavior. I find it interesting that the chapter is blaming this whole event on their new members while in fact after the performance, they gave the new members a standing ovation. It does not surprise me that the brothers are now taking these charges as a joke on Facebook and Twitter.

  2. This is ridiculous. They are college boys, what do you expect. Spraying the whipped cream only happened on three girls when apparently the entire crowd was “sexually harassed.” Get your shit together salisbury; they would never go to the extent of SAE hazing but still get the same consequence. You just kicked off one of the best frats on campus

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