Girls Twerk To Raise Awareness About #BringBackOurGirls Campaign

Two girls believed to be Nigerian recently posted a video of themselves twerking with the words “#BringBackOurGirls” written on their backs.

It is suspected that these girls attend The University of Lagos in Nigeria although the school has not released any statement with reaction to the video.

The two anonymous girls, whose identities were not revealed, have promised to go naked if the 200 girls abducted from their boarding school in Chibok, Nigeria over a month ago are not released by Boko Haram soon.

Is twerking the best way to raise awareness about such a serious issue?

On a side note, here is a picture of “The Expendables 3” cast joining in on the #BringBackOurGirls movement.

Over the weekend, leaders from Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad and Benin met at a summit in France and declared “war” on Boko Haram.

The nations agreed to cooperate with each other and start joint border patrols/share intelligence to find the girls.

One of the girls who was abducted managed to escape from Boko Haram and was interviewed earlier this week.

She says that the teachers at the school, whose job it was to protect them and take care of them, locked the girls in their rooms and ran away to prevent themselves from being captured.

Don’t let this story die off. Like, share, retweet, repost or do whatever it takes to make sure these girls’ stories aren’t forgotten.


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