The L.A Clippers Have Been Sold…


Shelly Sterling has sold the LA Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for an asking price of $2 Billion. The deal was just signed before Midnight last night.

Before anything can be final the NBA must first approve of the sale, but sources are saying that NBA commissioner Adam Silver was aware of Shelly’s negotiations with Ballmer and other potential buyers.

Donald has made comments about challenging the sale but he will just fail completely. However he gave Shelly control over the team, meaning she would be responsible for selling it and he even sent a letter to commissioner Adam Silver, letting him know that Shelly had the control.

Ballmer is located in Seattle–which currently has no NBA team, so he has also made a bid to buy the Sacromento Kings and move them to Seattle. As for the Clippers, Ballmer did vow to keep the team in Los Angeles.

Just a week ago Silver was deciding whether he would have to force an Involuntary sale on the team, but Shelly and her lawyer Pierce O’ Donnell, solicit bids and found a buyer!

– Dallas Jordan



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