Kerry Washington Says Goodbye To Scandal


Talk about changes!

The hit show Scandal will be seeing some major changes in it’s upcoming season, starting with it’s main star. Actress Kerry Washington will not be returning to the 4th season after refusing a pay decrease. Washington, allegedly made $300,000 during season 3, but with an increase of production costs, Washington was asked to take a pay decrease. Washington will be replaced by Meagan Good, who is known for her roles in blockbuster hits such as “Think Like a Man”.

Meagan is not the strongest actress in Hollywood, but what she lacks in acting she makes up in sex appeal. The creators of the show believe that Meagan will bring in a larger male demographic to an already female driven show.

Fans of the show have already been taking to social media saying they will not support the show anymore and will tune into Scandal’s rival shows “Being Mary Jane” and “The Game” instead.

Just kidding, this story is just a fun fabrication……I hope you had a good laugh! Season 4 of Scandal starring Kerry Washington premieres September 25th, on ABC.

– Dallas Jordan

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