Has Ariana Grande Already Moved On?

Ariana Grande is offically back on the market. The 21 year old pop princess, broke up with boyfriend Jai Brooks this weekend, becacuse he was too immature for her.

Ariana Grande Dating Big SeanSources from Hollywoodlife.com are revealing that Ariana might’ve already moved on, to an older and mature man. On August 3rd, Ariana was seen on a movie date with Big Sean, 26,  her frequent musical collaborator.

Twitter user @ArianaTodayNet posted the photo above with the caption: “Ariana Grande and Big Sean were at the movies last night”.

That would mean that Ariana and Big Sean went on their date before Ariana’s split went public. Maybe she wanted to break the news publically to her fans before she was accused of cheating on Jai with Big Sean.

Ariana and Big Sean have spent a lot of time together , he lent a verse to her song “Right There” from her first album “Yours Truly”, and he’ll be featured on her second album “My Everything” as well.

Furthermore, we know that he’s single! After his horrendous breakup with Glee star Naya Rivera, back in April. Naya recently said “I do” to actor Ryan Dorsey, just a few months after her breakup with Big Sean.

Ariana and Big Sean have not publically announced any kind of romance.

Dallas Jordan


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