BREAKING NEWS: Armed Robbery At Courtyards Apartments


BREAKING: According to The Diamondback, an armed robbery has been reported at The Courtyards Apartments near the University of Maryland.

The suspect had a handgun and fled on foot towards Metzerott Road. Residents are urged to keep all doors locked.

According to a resident on Twitter, there is not much police activity going on at the moment.

UPDATE – According to The Examiner’s Alan Henney:


2nd UPDATE (11:15 p.m.) – University of Maryland’s Police Department has just sent an email to students saying that the suspect is NOT in custody.

LAST UPDATE – University of Maryland Police Department has given the all clear sign at The Courtyards. It is now safe for residents to leave their premises.

UMD Health Center Takes Advantage of Tinder Craze

Courtesy: Sung-Min Kim
Courtesy: Sung-Min Kim

The University of Maryland’s Health Center has taken STD/STI awareness to the next level.

This advertisement, promoting consciousness about chlamydia, was spotted on the Enclave shuttle by The Diamondback and WMUC’s Sung-Min Kim.

The fictional app used in this ad is based on popular matchmaking app Tinder, which is commonly used by college students.

In the app, profile pictures of various guys/girls (depending on your preference) around your area are displayed. If you like what you see, you swipe right, hence why the ad says “Chlamydia always swipes to the right.”

Here is the rest of the text:

Chlamydia likes everyone, and it’s trending upward on campus. Unprotected oral, anal or vaginal sex can put Terps at risk. Reduce risk with condoms, routine testing & knowing your partners’ STI status. Depending on your behavior, a throat, rectal or urine screening may be necessary. 

Find out more about your risk and resources:

Kudos to the Health Center. You’ve gotten my attention.

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Jordin Sparks And Jason Derulo Open Up About Their Split


Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo are now opening up about what led to their shocking split.

Sparks made a guest appearance on this morning’s Today Show after she was asked how she was handling the split. Jordin Sparks, Jason Derulo, MTV VMA's 2014

“I’m good, actually. The funny thing is I read this quote, ‘When something unexpected happens in your life or you think something bad happens, just say, plot twist! And move on.”

Sparks’ response confirmed her earlier sentiments last week, when she wrote a tweet that read:

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

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5 things Post-grads should do


So as most of my readers know, I recently just finished my undergraduate studies. College gave me four years of crazy, yet humbling, experiences that I’ll keep with me forever. Most importantly, what I obtained from college….was my degree! I worked hard, never slept, and contemplated just becoming a stripper instead for four straight years. Now, I’m in the same position that a lot of college graduates are in around this country. I have a degree, so what now?

This is the most discouraging part so far in my path to success. In concept, I understand that a college degree doesn’t guarantee me a job right away. But doesn’t it feel like it should? It can sometimes make us feel like those sleepless nights, ramen-struggle dinners, and over $20,000 in loans was all for nothing. Well let’s take a second to thank the Universe for two things: my ability to…

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Knotty Bits Sideshow Take on Hoff Theatre


A lively crowd gathered in Hoff Theatre Friday night during Stamp’s annual All Niter event where, for forty-minutes, they cajoled as the Knotty Bits sideshow took center stage.

The vaudeville era of sideshow acts was lead by duo Gwyd the Unusual and his quirky partner, Sylver Fyre. Audience members were entertained throughout by their playful banter and double entendre joke deliveries.

Beginning the set of stunts was fellow cast member, Sabrina, balancing atop two upside-down glasses and flexing her body into full splits and heel-stretches. Continue reading Knotty Bits Sideshow Take on Hoff Theatre

Attack of the Backpack Review

Joey Bada$$ performs to a full crowd at Ritchie during Attack of the Backpack
Joey Bada$$ performs to a full crowd at Ritchie during Attack of the Backpack


Students leaned against the barricades with clear anticipation in their eyes while music pumped through the speakers and the lights dimmed down until the only thing they focused on was the stage. The stage that Joey Bada$$ would run onto within a couple of hours for the inaugural concert, “Attack of the Backpack.”

This past Thursday night, SEE hosted their back to school concert with that famous kid from Bed-Stuy Brooklyn.

TWRK plays their set as students continue filling up the gym.
TWRK plays their set as students continue filling up the gym.

Up first were two DJs from New York, Benzi and Esentrik, going by the name of TWRK.

“I’m excited to see the other two performers,” said Dante Cannon, a history major, while waiting in the lobby of Ritchie.

“I’ve never heard of them before and I’d like to check out their music.”

Check out our interview with Joey Bada$$ written by Sam Antezana Continue reading Attack of the Backpack Review

A Night With Joey Bada$$


September 23, 2014 is when one of the fall semester’s most anticipated events, “Attack of the Backpack,” arrived at UMD for a night of head nodding, crowd surfing and good vibes being spread.

Three acts performed, starting with TWRK, a trap-electronic group, disbursing jolts of adrenaline throughout the audience, to keep them hyped for the other acts. Then came Henry Fong, an EDM spectacle. However, during Fong’s set, me and my fellow Pulsefeedz colleague, Naomi Harris, had the opportunity to interview the headlining act of the night, Joey Bada$$.

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Kevin McHale and Amber Riley To Co-Host Radio Show

Courtesy: Comcast

Kevin McHale and Amber Riley are joining forces to host a brand new weekly radio show.

#McRiley, the name it will be affectionately known as, will give the two entertainers a chance to dish their takes on the latest news and trends which everyone is talking about.

On Friday night’s debut episode, the duo discussed the inside scoop of why Kendrick Lamar lost to Macklemore during February’s Grammy Awards, the rise of female musicians and the fall of R&B as well as how influential music lyrics can be to kids.

Embedded image permalink
#McRiley was trending on Twitter. Courtesy: DASH Radio
The show will air Friday nights uncensored at 3 p.m. PT/6 p.m. ET on DASH Radio, a brand new music app founded by DJ Skee. The app contains channels which are categorized by genre. #McRiley will air on DASH Radio’s pop channel, Main Stage.

This will not be the duo’s first stint on the radio together. Back in 2011, McHale and Riley co-hosted American Top 40, subbing for Ryan Seacrest.