Joan Rivers Dead (by Ashley Martin)

Courtesy: The Wrap

With news of Robin Williams’ death still a fresh wound to most, the entertainment world lost another favorable comedian, Joan Rivers.

Rivers, 81, peacefully died around family and close friends, says her daughter Melissa in a statement. According to E! News, the entertainer was rushed to the hospital last Thursday (August 28th) after suffering from cardiac arrest.

Word of Rivers’ death spread quickly across the social media world as fans remember her candid and ballsy humor. Most know her for her latter career in co-hosting the popular show “Fashion Police.”

Celebrities such as talk show host and comedian, Ellen DeGeneres, also spoke out and expressed sadness to hear that the comedian has passed away.

Along with her unapologetic humor, Rivers is also known for her many controversial opinions. A reporter asking her if America would soon see the first gay president approached Rivers two months ago.  Her response was, “We already have a gay president.”

Her comments about dead Palestinians in war and animal killings have undoubtedly left distaste in the mouths of some. However, after news about her death, many remember her most for her bright career in comedy.

Rumors are circulating now that there is an investigation being done on the clinic Rivers was undergoing a procedure at when she suffered from the heart attack.

Furthermore, news outlets like the Washington Post and The Daily Times tweeted links where fans can reflect on her most memorable comedic moments.


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