Ray Rice Elevator Assault Video Leaked By TMZ (Video and Editorial)


WARNING: The video is disgusting.

As is seen in the video, Rice hits his wife first before Mrs. Rice strikes back. The couple was in the midst of an argument and it escalated even further as they entered an elevator, where Rice knocked out his wife.

It is not clear whether or not the NFL has the right to add more games to his suspension because of the collective bargaining agreement between the league and the player’s union.

If they do add more games to Rice’s suspension, it would set a precedent given the fact that the NFL’s new domestic violence policy went into effect after Rice’s suspension was handed down as well as because nothing in the situation has changed other than the fact that a new video was released. This is also Rice’s first offense as an NFL player.

The onus to add on to Rice’s suspension is now on John Harbaugh and the Ravens organization. In the past, the Ravens have been supportive of players who have run into trouble with the law including Ray Lewis and Jamal Lewis (no relation). Although it is not known whether John Harbaugh may take a different route than his predecessors.

Jim Harbaugh, John’s brother and the 49ers head coach, has already said that he wouldn’t allow any of his players who were involved in a domestic violence dispute to play on his team (49ers defensive end Ray McDonald was recently arrested for domestic violence).

The NFL says that they had not seen video of the assault before they imposed Ray Rice’s suspension. This raises many questions about how TMZ was able to get the video first and why the NFL came up with a verdict before analyzing every perspective. Separately, many observers wonder why Rice was never criminally charged for this ordeal.


Another factor in this story which is extremely annoying is the blame which the Ravens organization is getting for the following tweet:

I don’t understand why so many people are so irate about the team’s media outlet sending out information based on what Janay Rice directly said at a press conference. If you don’t believe me, watch the video below and fast forward to 6:30.

Now whether or not Janay Rice was coerced to say those words is another story but the fact is, she said those words herself with her own mouth. Let’s try to be as objective as possible before we throw blame towards everyone involved left and right.

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