Changes You Should Know About As A UMD Student In Case You Don’t Know

umdThe semester is well under way at the University of Maryland but you may not be fully aware of all the brand new changes which have been enacted on our campus. Scroll through this story to get a refresher and become aware of what’s new on your campus.

1. Construction on Campus Drive – only one portion of the road (westbound towards Knight Hall) is opened due to the construction of the Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center.


2. Trayvon Reed kicked out – an incoming freshman who was supposed to be the future of Maryland Terrapins basketball was kicked out of the university over the summer for stealing an ice cream bar worth $2.11 from the local 7-Eleven. Reed has since transferred to Auburn.



3. Everclear has been banned, R.I.P. Jungle Juice – The sale of 190-proof alcohol was banned in the state of Maryland over the summer by lawmakers who believe there is a correlation between the use of everclear and sexual assault.

4. A 24/7 speed camera has been added on Route 1 – In response to the various pedestrian accidents and deaths which have occurred over the past two semesters, the city of College Park instituted a speed camera which will be operational all day, everydayThe speed limit was also lowered from 30 mph to 25 mph and a checkpoint was added.

5. UMD is guaranteeing scholarships to student-athletes – No matter how you’re performing on the field or what kind of injury you sustain, your scholarship is guaranteed if you play a sport for the University of Maryland.


6. Maryland Madness occurs October 17th – The annual preview of the Maryland men’s and women’s basketball teams will occur on Friday, October 17th at 8 p.m. in the XFINITY Center. Doors open at 5 p.m., admission is free and seating is first-come, first-serve.

7. Comcast Center is re-named – Oh yeah, the Comcast Center is now known as the XFINITY Center.

8. The XFINITY Center has a new display board – It looks just like the Dallas Cowboys’ display board……seriously.

Fans will enjoy an immersive experience with multiple Daktronics displays designed to showcase player statistics, scoring information and sponsor advertisements.

9. UMD is building a new hotel – It’ll be across the street from the main entrance and will cost $115 million. The 11-story, 300-room hotel is expected to open by the fall of 2017.

Courtesy: WJLA

10. Knox Boxes are going down, literally – The properties were sold to new owners who plan on demolishing the houses shaped like boxes. They’ll be replaced with a new development and the students currently living there have to find a new place to move into as soon as possible no matter how long their lease is.

Courtesy: WBAL

11. UMD IS NOW A MEMBER OF THE BIG TEN – We’ve joined a new conference which means new revenue from The Big Ten Network (now available on basic cable packages in Maryland), new competition and rivalries and a new library of sources to use for research. All hail the Big Ten.

Courtesy: FoodBeast

12. 1.5 Pound Crab and Cheese Smothered Pretzel available at Byrd Stadium – only $17.50 during football games

13. UMD hockey jerseys are pretty epic.

14. DeVos Institute of Arts Management moves from D.C. to UMD – “It became clear that some of the things we wanted to do were better housed in a research institution”

15. Rumor has it that Testudo is on steroids???


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