How Do I Delete U2’s Album From My IPhone?

Did you know Apple purposely installed U2’s newest album for free on your iOS device without notifying you? If you don’t believe me, go check your playlist now.

Is Apple legally allowed to do this? Yes.

In order to use any of their devices, you have to agree to their terms and services.

But in my opinion, it would’ve been courteous of Apple to at least send an e-mail or a mass notification letting their users know what they’re about to do.

Why did Apple send all of it’s users a free U2 album? It was meant as a promotion for the new IPhone 6. Apple and U2 wanted to break the record for the largest album release of all-time. I’m not sure how U2’s album and the IPhone 6 correlate but that’s their story.

How do I get rid of it, it’s taking up some of my storage space!? Here are some pictures and instructions courtesy of GigaOm.

If a song has already downloaded (as shown by not having the cloud symbol), swipe left on the song title to show the delete button. If you click delete, you'll see it goes back to the cloud.
If a song is already download onto your device, swipe right and hit delete. You’ll know it’s downloaded if you don’t see the cloud symbol next to the song.
If you haven't downloaded the songs, it should look like the left panel. To hide them from your phone, go to Settings then Music and turn off the "Show All Music".
If you go to Settings > Music > Show All Music and turn off “Show All Music,” the only songs which will show up on your device are songs you’ve personally downloaded from your computer.
To prevent your songs from being re-downloaded if they're in the cloud, go to settings and iTunes & App Store. Turn off automatic downloads and show all music to prevent them from downloading again.
To prevent automatic downloads from ever appearing on your device again, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and under Automatic Downloads, turn Music off.

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