First Look Fair: It’s All About Music

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The First Look Fair initially can come off as overwhelming with 500 potential clubs and organizations set up all around the Mall and members shouting at you while you walk through the crowded isles. But if you know what you are looking for, the hunt for something to join becomes so much easier.

This is the time for organizations to claim new members and for students to find a group of like-minded Terps.

Now if you enjoy music or casually dance to songs you hear while walking to class or even imagine yourself on stage with turntables beneath your hands, check out these two organizations.

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Terrapin Beats Society

“Do you want to be a DJ?”

A very straight to the point but all encompassing question, asked by the club’s president, Adam Weiner.

Terrapin Beats Society has been around for three and a half years, and the club continues growing stronger each day. In fact, just last week at the Next Now event, hosted by CSPAC, DJs from the society performed.

“It’s gone from absolutely nothing to a very busy and powerful organization,” Weiner said.

The club not only supports local student DJ and producer talent but also for anyone interested, they can attend meetings and learn how to craft their skills. And maybe, if you’re good, you’ll play your stuff at events on campus.

Here’s their Facebook page:

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What is WMUC? If you aren’t aware of the radio station above South Campus Diner, listen to the response from Operations Director, Inna Lempert.

“It’s so many things. That’s the best part about it,” she explained with a big smile.

“I mean it’s a radio station but first it’s a community of like-minded people, more than anything and we are all bonded by this weird, obscure thing called music.”

Lempert learned about the community after joining the radio station in spring of 2013. She began a show called, “Back in the USSR” where she played Russian and eastern European-styled music that turned more political once events in Ukraine erupted.

“I had professors over,” she said.“I had a Russian writer on my show.”

And for anyone looking to play music they truly enjoy or looking to join a group with others who are equally passionate about music, you’ll find a great home at WMUC.

“Be part of us, we’re awesome.” Lempert concluded with a laugh.

So check out their main page and find out more about them:

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