A Ravens Fan’s Random Ramblings/Reaction to ESPN’s Ray Rice Expose (Opinion)

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp August 20, 2009


I highly recommend that you read this article to understand the context of my thoughts and feelings. The article is one of the best pieces of journalism I’ve seen in a long time.

1. No one should be shocked or mad Biscotti and the Ravens tried to get a shorter suspension for Ray Rice. He was an outstanding citizen before this incident, a role model to the community, looked good at camp and was forgiven by his wife. Plus, why wouldn’t they want a shorter sentencing? Obviously they pay him to play football (or at least they did). No one should be surprised or mad, any and every team in sports would do the same thing. They wouldn’t leave their employee hanging.

2. The REAL reason why you all should be mad at Biscotti and the Ravens is because he tried to frame Ray Rice as a liar. He tried to say that the reason they released him is because Rice lied about what happened when in fact Rice told the truth. It confirms my theory that the only reason the Ravens released Rice was because of a couple thousand people on Twitter who were mad. They didn’t have his back and let due process handle it’s own…..and that is pitiful.

3. Ray Rice’s appeal case looks really good because of this story. There’s a 20% chance he might play for another team this season in my opinion, believe it or not. It seems like Ray told the truth and nothing but the truth.

4. Based on this article, all of you who decided to make Ray into a scapegoat for domestic abuse and make it seem like he’s abused Janay multiple times all look like idiots. It was a one time thing. They were extremely drunk and as you can tell from the article, Ray is EXTREMELY remorseful.

5. Roger Goodell looks like an a-hole in this article because he portrays Ray as a liar when in fact, Ray told Goodell the truth. He gave Ray an indefinite suspension only to protect himself and for PR reasons, not because it was the fair thing to do. Just sickening.

6. Ray did everything he was asked to do and still paid a huge penalty, so sad. We all want to be forgiven for our mistakes but fail to want to forgive others. So hypocritical.

7. Goodell should’ve talked to Janay and Ray separately rather than together, that was a mistake. Although based on what we’ve seen (attending HSFB games together, Janay’s IG post), Janay would’ve most likely defended Ray if she was speaking to Goodell by herself just as she did when she spoke to Goodell alongside Ray

8. No one in the NFL or the Ravens made a decision based on what was on their hearts. They made decisions to appease everyone and get everyone to keep quiet. Sometimes you just have to stand by your principles and your gut even if it seems wrong at first because if you make a decision just so that others are happy, it’ll backfire on you even worse than you expected.

9. It’s unfortunate that everyone is using this incident as a chance for their own 30 seconds of fame. The release of the Adrian Peterson story, Wally Williams story and Chris Rainey story is very fishy to me. Obviously, domestic violence needs to be addressed and there have been many positives to come out of this story such as the fact that the domestic violence hotline has reached an all-time high in the amount of calls received.

Also, if the accusations against Jonathan Dwyer turn out to be true, then it’s better for humanity if someone like him doesn’t play in the NFL any time soon. But it should be concerning to everyone that all of a sudden, our society is playing the guilty before proven innocent card just because this is a quintessential moment to call out the NFL for all of their hypocrisy involving domestic violence.

10. Before you all castigate and judge, think about the stakeholders in the situation and your own life when you’ve been given a second chance after messing up.

11. Donald Sterling was kicked out of the NBA because he’s racist. We all know that. But the most recent evidence of his racism was extremely shotty and unfair. The phone call released by TMZ was recorded without his permission and if you’re really honest with yourselves, Sterling never really said anything in that tape which was racist. All he said was that he wasn’t comfortable with his girlfriend hanging out with more attractive guys than him. I wouldn’t be comfortable with my girlfriend hanging out with other dudes either.

Now, the way he said it was a little offensive but I don’t think that one incident was grounds for him to be kicked out of the league.

The reason why Sterling was kicked out was because this tape was salacious enough and good enough to suffice the general public’s outcry for him to be kicked out.

When Sterling called his players racist names, no one cared and when Sterling purposefully discriminated against blacks and Latinos who lived in his real estate, no one cared. But when there was a hot girl and TMZ involved, all of a sudden everyone had an opinion. That’s a problem.

Connecting that to this situation. The NFL has always had a major problem with disciplining it’s players who commit domestic violence. Even though there are players in the league playing RIGHT NOW who aren’t as remorseful as Rice and have done worse acts of domestic violence than Rice did, the public didn’t care about it because they didn’t see it.

Ray Rice carried the sins of everyone else involved in domestic violence disputes in the past and present who hasn’t been disciplined the way that they should be even though his victim forgave him.

You tell me, is that fair? Why does the public only react to problems with rage when TMZ releases footage of it? Why can’t they be just as outraged when they haven’t seen or heard or experienced something? Isn’t that hypocritical?

Everyone wants to be a domestic violence activist and expert but the real question is…..where have you been? This isn’t a new problem. It’s existed for a long time.

I’m glad something is being done to fix the problem but the way we got to this point is so wrong. The media had to ruin a man’s career and reputation to get everyone to care about domestic violence in the NFL?


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