Selfie vs Célfie

Courtesy: The Guardian


Selfie or célfie. Which one should you be taking? The difference between these two words is more than just a letter. It is known that a selfie is when a person takes a picture of himself, normally for some social media outlet. The duo Chainsmokers made sure everyone knew what a selfie was this summer with their song #Selfie.

Célfie, however, has just gained recognition. Since Kim Kardashian uploaded a picture with the caption “célfie,” there has been a lot of attention surrounding the word.

No one is 100% sure what the word means. Urban Dictionary defines “célfie” as “when a person is incarcerated and is able to get a selfie picture.” So basically, the picture Joan Rivers’ doctor took with her while she was unconscious can qualify as célfie which is NOT a good thing! So keep your selife, not célfiegame strong.


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