Scandal Season 3 Finale Overview

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Yes, Gladiators. Scandal is back!

After a shortened season 3 due to Kerry Washington’s pregnancy, Scandal will return this Thursday, September 25 at 9 p.m. Shonda Rhimes, the creator and producer of the show, has plenty of plots, twists and turns in store for faithful Scandal fans. But before Gladiators tune in, it never hurts to refresh our minds of the shocking events from last season’s finale.

It was an eventful season 3 of revelations and surprises and the series finale revealed even more heavy cliffhangers.

The finale opened with the looming bomb minutes away from going off in the church where Senator Hightower’s funeral was being held. Meanwhile, Fitz goes over his speech with Cyrus, who knows about the impending bomb long before the funeral had taken place.

Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

As Cyrus interrupts the president’s rehearsal, Jake Ballard, leader of B-613, rushes into the Oval Office to alert Fitz on an emergency evacuation at the church. Soon after, the bomb goes off as Fitz questions whether the evacuation was necessary.

Vice President and opposing presidential candidate, Sally Langston, had already entered the church before the bomb went off so it is feared that she may be hurt. But she’s not.

Instead, Sally becomes the hero and comes to the aid of those injured by the bomb blast (under the instruction of her campaign manager Doug). Without a doubt, this kind act helps Sally in approval ratings and polls as Election Day is around the corner and things aren’t looking well for Fitz.

So sure that Fitz will not return to the White House for another four years, Olivia visits her father Rowan in the hospital. Rowan is suffering from a stab wound caused by Olivia’s mother Marie Wallace, the mastermind behind the bombing. Crazy, right?

Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly
Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

Meanwhile, Charlie, a B-613 spy, is disappointed that Quinn has been having an affair with Huck and decides to leave. He gives her an envelope to give to Huck which contains information on Huck’s wife and son (a topic which Huck is very sensitive about).

Later, Fitz tells Olivia that he will divorce Millie so that they can finally get married and move to Vermont. However, Olivia informs him that Fitz’s father, Big Jerry, raped Millie. Always emotionally apart, the revelation brings Millie and Fitz closer together. Therefore, Fitz decides to stay with Millie.


At Fitz’s last campaign stop in Virginia, his son Jerry collapses on stage and later dies from meningitis. It is later learned that Marie is responsible for his death. Fitz learns she did this and plots to kill her with the help of Rowan. Ironically, the tragedy helps Fitz win the election after he was expected to lose.

As if things couldn’t get any worse.

Olivia quits at Olivia Pope & Associates because she believes she has caused all the chaos in everyone’s lives. She begins to pack her things and takes up her father’s offer to fly out of the country. Jake asks to leave with her.

Marie is eventually captured after fleeing authorities but Rowan tells Fitz that she is dead.

As Harrison demands Rowan to stop Olivia from leaving, he understands what has subliminally happened. Rowan ordered for Jerry to be killed so Fitz would seek revenge for Jerry’s death and would be too busy to seek comfort from Olivia.


The last few minutes sealed the end of season three in suspenseful fashion:

  • David Rosen receives a package which is entitled, “Getting The Bad Guys” from Jake.
  • Huck goes to visit his wife, who is shocked that he is alive.
  • Marie Wallace is not dead but in the basement of B6-13.
  • Harrison is shot by Rowan.

And Olivia Pope leaves with Jake Ballard and ignores calls from a saddened Fitz.

Whew! Gladiators get your popcorn and wine ready to see the shocking and anticipated premiere tonight!

Because if the finale was that twisted you can expect the premiere to be even more crazy!


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