5 things Post-grads should do


So as most of my readers know, I recently just finished my undergraduate studies. College gave me four years of crazy, yet humbling, experiences that I’ll keep with me forever. Most importantly, what I obtained from college….was my degree! I worked hard, never slept, and contemplated just becoming a stripper instead for four straight years. Now, I’m in the same position that a lot of college graduates are in around this country. I have a degree, so what now?

This is the most discouraging part so far in my path to success. In concept, I understand that a college degree doesn’t guarantee me a job right away. But doesn’t it feel like it should? It can sometimes make us feel like those sleepless nights, ramen-struggle dinners, and over $20,000 in loans was all for nothing. Well let’s take a second to thank the Universe for two things: my ability to…

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