Best Events of the Week at UMD 9/28/2014

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Courtesy: @UMDTriDelta on Twitter

Seventeen U College Tour

When? Monday 10am-4pm

Where? Hornbake Plaza

Why Should I Go? The representatives will be giving tips and tricks on how to glamorize your dorm and there’s a chance you could win a gift card. WARNING: This is targeted at females, just as Seventeen Magazine is.

Courtesy: Latino Kitchen

STAMP Food Sales (LTA Empanada Sale and ISA Bake Sale)

When? Tuesday beginning at 9am

Where? Outside of STAMP

Why? Lambda Theta Alpha will be selling empanadas (pictured above) which is a stuffed pastry. The Indian Student Association will also be selling baked foods of their own. It’s a chance for a quick snack while you’re on your way to class.

Courtesy: Startup Shell

How to Start a Startup

When? Tuesday at 9pm

Where? 387 Technology Dr #1100, College Park, Maryland (Technological Advancement Program building near Campus Farm)

Why? Sam Altman, president of Y Combinator (seed money company) will be speaking and could invest in YOUR company one day.

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“I Learn America” Screening

When? Thursday at 4pm

Where? Shoemaker 2102

Why? It’s a dope documentary about the struggle which four international students face as they transition into an American high school.

CATAPULT Performance

When? Thursday at 7pm

Where? Hoff Theater

Why? They’re amazing! They were a finalist on America’s Got Talent for a reason. Did you not see that video?

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Surfer Blood LIVE at WMUC

When? Friday at 1pm

Where? South Campus Commons 3rd floor (WMUC Studios)

Why? They have a wicked-dope sound. They’re so good, they even have their own Wikipedia page.

Latino Heritage Buffet

When? Friday at 5pm

Where? Adele’s Restaurant

Why? Celebrate Latino Heritage Month the right way, through FOOD! (If you’re going, make sure you get there an hour earlier, the lines can be long and hectic.)

UMDCSA Fall Fete Big 40

When? Friday at 5pm

Where? Nyumburu Patio

Why? Free Caribbean food, free Caribbean music, UMD’s finest Caribbean women. What more could you ask for?

Freshers Party 2014

When? Saturday at 5:30pm

Where? STAMP (The Atrium, tickets cost $8.50)

Why? It’s a chance to mix and mingle with UMD’s Indian student body while eating an authentic Indian meal.

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