Knotty Bits Sideshow Take on Hoff Theatre


A lively crowd gathered in Hoff Theatre Friday night during Stamp’s annual All Niter event where, for forty-minutes, they cajoled as the Knotty Bits sideshow took center stage.

The vaudeville era of sideshow acts was lead by duo Gwyd the Unusual and his quirky partner, Sylver Fyre. Audience members were entertained throughout by their playful banter and double entendre joke deliveries.

Beginning the set of stunts was fellow cast member, Sabrina, balancing atop two upside-down glasses and flexing her body into full splits and heel-stretches.

Sabrina skillfully balances atop two glasses.
Sabrina skillfully balances atop two glasses.

Stakes were set higher as Gwyd and Syvler called up an audience member to participate in a set of stunts centered on broken beer bottle shards that Gwyd joked took him all week to drink through.

Gwyd was first pushed to his limits by standing on the broken glass and even being pressured by audience shouts and applause to jump onto it. Sylver Fyre raised the stakes even further when she asked an audience member to join her on stage and help her stand atop Gwyd’s face. She proceeded to squash his head into the broken glass. It sent many to cover their hands over their eyes and away from what could only be excruciating pain.

Sylver Fyre stands atops Gwyd's head with an audience members assistance.
Sylver Fyre stands atop Gwyd’s head with an audience member’s assistance.

Much audience participation was needed for the last stunt of the show in which participants set mousetraps circling Gwyd’s feet as he escaped and squabbled out of a straight jacket in only thirty seconds. The countdown radiating through the theatre only added to the anticipation of whether or not he would make it but just as the rest of the show, there was no disappointment.

With the impending doom of mid-terms, the Knotty Bits sideshow was a hilarious and equally cringing performance that relieved audience members and sent them out with some good laughs.

Courtesy: ReverbNation

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