UMD Health Center Takes Advantage of Tinder Craze

Courtesy: Sung-Min Kim
Courtesy: Sung-Min Kim

The University of Maryland’s Health Center has taken STD/STI awareness to the next level.

This advertisement, promoting consciousness about chlamydia, was spotted on the Enclave shuttle by The Diamondback and WMUC’s Sung-Min Kim.

The fictional app used in this ad is based on popular matchmaking app Tinder, which is commonly used by college students.

In the app, profile pictures of various guys/girls (depending on your preference) around your area are displayed. If you like what you see, you swipe right, hence why the ad says “Chlamydia always swipes to the right.”

Here is the rest of the text:

Chlamydia likes everyone, and it’s trending upward on campus. Unprotected oral, anal or vaginal sex can put Terps at risk. Reduce risk with condoms, routine testing & knowing your partners’ STI status. Depending on your behavior, a throat, rectal or urine screening may be necessary. 

Find out more about your risk and resources:

Kudos to the Health Center. You’ve gotten my attention.

Scroll through our UMD section to find out what else is trending on campus.


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