Ebola Patient in Texas Flew Through Dulles Airport

The Associated Press is reporting that the man currently in isolation due to contraction of the Ebola virus flew through Dulles Airport where he had a “lengthy airport layover” before arriving in Texas on September 20th.

The patient left Liberia on September 19th on a Brussels Airlines flight. He landed in Brussels and experienced a seven hour layover before catching a connector flight to Washington, D.C. via United Airlines.

His second layover at Dulles Airport lasted three hours before taking one last flight to Dallas, Texas.

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Courtesy: CNN

The CDC says that his lack of symptoms makes it unlikely that he infected anyone on his flight or in the airport whom he may have come into contact with.

After the patient started to feel ill, he decided to go to hospital last week but was released from the hospital even after he told caretakers that he had previously traveled to Liberia, according to CNN.

This is happening as reports have surfaced that there could possibly be another Ebola case in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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