Phelps arrested for DUI



One of yesterday’s most trending topics was the arrest of USA Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, after driving under the influence early Tuesday morning in Baltimore, Maryland.

TMZ reported that Phelps was stopped at 1:40am after driving 85 mph in a 45 speed limit zone. Once given the sobriety test, officers noted that his BAC level was about twice the legal limit.


Yesterday afternoon, Phelps issued an apology for his actions.


Neither Phelps’ agent, Drew Johnson, or longtime coach, Bob Bowman refused to comment when questioned by reporters. The charge could have Phelps face up to a year in jail, but legal experts said that was very unlikely.

Opinion: Here are my quick two cents. Drunk driving is becoming all too familiar in this country. A girl who graduated with my class in college (Salisbury University) died recently, because a man was selfish enough to drunkenly get behind a vehicle. Everyone makes mistakes that they personally ultimately have to live with. However, this kind of mistake is the kind that could fatally affect someone else. I hope he learns from this, (despite it being his second DUI), and gets help for whatever would make him drive so intoxicated.

It would have been really heartbreaking if he physically hurt someone  who idolized him that night. Recently, athletes (ex: Ray Rice, Chris Davis) from the Baltimore area’s teams have not been setting a good example for youth in the community. It’s a responsibility that I feel some in the limelight don’t take seriously. Whether you like it or not, you’re being watched by the public. So unfortunately, your actions not only affect you, but it affects others to some degree as well.


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