Childish Gambino Releases Unexpected Mixtape

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Childish Gambino surprised the public with a release of his mixtape, “STN MTN.” Since “Because The Internet,” I’ve been waiting with anticipation for more music from Childish Gambino. He plans on releasing the second part of this mixtape with an EP called “KAUAI.” He made my weekend with a sudden release of his mixtape, full of 11 songs that I will now delve into.

Dream Southern/Hospitality/Partna Dem

Starts off with his voice talking about a dream. His recognizable voice reminds me of his short stories in “Because The Internet.” The beat for the song involved more elements as you move further into the song. It references a lot of his other mixtape, “ROYALTY.”

As mentioned in the song title, the song mashes together different sounds to make up the song. The second part of the song (Hospitality) is more upbeat and Gambino-related, with a neurotic flow in comparison to the beat. I like the Hospitality section because the flow makes you want to nod along.

3/5 Stars

F*cks Given (Prod. By Nick Banga)

Beat is super sick and right when he started rapping I knew I’d like this song. The music is too good! Head banger for sure. Sounds similiar to Drake’s flow of bragging over a good beat. It’s short and to the point, declaring that Gambino no longer cares about anything else but what he wants to do. Hence the “No f*cks given.”

5/5 Stars

No Small Talk Feat. Kari Faux (Prod. By Black Party & Kari Faux)

I’m excited there’s a female rapper on the song and I’ve never heard of her but she’s too repetitive and the overall feel of the song is not memorable. After I listened to this song, twice, I realized why I don’t like this song. Gambino is trying to portray another persona and it feels unnecessary. He shouldn’t have to prove anything to his fans.

3/5 Stars

Money Baby

The beat makes the song what it is, because Gambino doesn’t seem to be trying in this song. His previous flow of throwing in clever puns and short verses that make you think seem washed out now. It’s a good song to dance to but in terms of depth I feel like it lacked heavily.

4/5 Stars

Move That Dope/Nectel Chirp/Let Your Hair Blow Feat. Young Scooter (Prod. By Zaytoven)

“Move That Dope” incorporates the familiar lyric, “Push It,” from “Push It Real Good.” The first part of the song consists of Gambino bragging which is old news, yet again. “Nectel Chirp” has a cool beat and it seems like Gambino tried more. The transition from “Nectel Chirp” to “Let Your Hair Blow” was really well done and the last song keeps up with the energy. The featured rapper didn’t really add much, he should’ve tried to come harder with more substance.

3.5/5 Stars

A**Shots (Remix) Feat. ROYALTY (Prod. By Big Soj)

Who is Gambino addressing when he talks about haters? I’m so tired of rappers talking about haters. It’s old and boring. Bring something new for once. ROYALTY sounded out of breath when he rapped and his pauses ruined a potential flow. Again Gambino, bring better people onto your mixtape. The song would’ve been so much better without any lyrics from either Gambino or ROYALTY (Someone just said something about their ‘boo boo’ I just dropped a star.)

1/5 Stars

Childish Gambino @ The Atrium

The intro sounded great, because it included his old music and an excerpt from The Boondocks (example: homies over h*es). This was just an intro but it was an obvious jab at certain radio stations. He muttered over it, potentially signifying that rappers no longer know what they’re saying. The voice over kept begging for The Atlanta TWRK team and then ended it with saying, “have a blessed Martin Luther King Day,” which was all as a response to how ridiculous people have become when it comes to this genre.

5/5 Stars

U Don’t Have to Call (Prod. By Ludwig)

Contrasting beginning, with a woman talking about strippers and then Gambino singing his heart out without a background sound. Usually rappers should not sing because they can’t all be Drake, but in this song it worked well. He sings about a woman and his passion for her. I like this song because it’s the Gambino I enjoy: a smooth flow as if he’s talking in your ears and you can’t turn it off because whatever he’s saying is too interesting. I wish he applied this attempt to other songs.

5/5 Stars

Candler Road (Prod. By Tim Suby & Childish Gambino)

And then we’re back to the complaining, at least this time his verses are good. Address the haters one more time Gambino, because you haven’t already done so in every other song. Why does it sound so spiteful? The second part of this song has a better beat and it doesn’t sound like he’s yelling at me. He mentions how people want the old Gambino but he’s too ahead of his time. I disagree because if anything this mixtape shows how hard he fell off.

3/5 Stars

All Y’all

The beat is incredible! He compares himself as a New God. Ah, he says he’s smoked too much weed, which probably explains why this mixtape is not as good as it should’ve been. Ease up on the weed, Gambino, it seems to stifle your talent. But I like this beat too much to complain about this song.

3/5 Stars


“Go DJ. That’s my DJ” was the best part, why? Because I’m tired of rappers putting women in a light where all they’re needed for is to stare at. Goodbye Gambino. I’m not going to let you “vent” if nothing but silliness stumbles out your high as life mouth.

2/5 Stars

Overall, this mixtape only left me with severe disappointment. I’ve followed Childish Gambino since “Freaks and Geeks” and since then I’ve listened to as much of his stuff as possible because he was bringing something new. He didn’t need to act like some tough guy from a random city in America, he enjoys comics and he makes jokes about his short shorts.

But this mixtape sounded unfinished and seriously unnecessary. He usually has a good idea flowing through his album, but I don’t understand this one. It added nothing to his reputation and if anything he disappointed his fans. I hope his second part is better or else I’ll need to add another rapper to my list of, “only listen to their old stuff.”

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