Salisbury University Prepares For Homecoming 2014


School spirit will be in full force next week as Salisbury University gears up for it’s annual Homecoming Week celebration.

SGA Vice President of University Affairs, Sarah McCullough is excited to be planning this year’s homecoming at the University.

“People should expect tons of school spirit, freebies and good laughs.”

The theme this year is “Blast from The Past.”

“We chose the theme Blast from The Past, to do something different. It goes with the theme of the parade and shows how the Salisbury community has grown.”

Homecoming 2014 begins on Monday October 13th and concludes on Saturday October 18th.  Some of the week-long events include

Monday – Pageant

Tuesday – Pep Rally

Wednesday – Battle of the Bands/Wing Eating

Thursday – 90’s night

Friday – Big Six Cookout

Saturday – Homecoming Parade and Block Party

Students will have the opportunity to attend all of these events and more. With all the details that go into planning a week full of events, there were definitely some challenges faced but McCullough says there were some lighter moments as well.

“The easiest part about planning Homecoming was coming up with the ideas to support the theme.”

Take a trip back in time as Salisbury University kicks off Homecoming 2014 next Monday!


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